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Bradley Airport Parking - Parking at Bradley Airport - Convenient options for Bradley Airport parking

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Bradley International Airport is located in Connecticut and offers flights throughout the east coast and to some major cities in the Midwest. The airport also offers flights to Puerto Rico and Canada. Since all parking at Bradley Airport is very easy, travelers just have to choose between convenience and price.

Convenient options for Bradley Airport parking

The convenient options include a long term parking garage that is located only 100 feet from Terminal A. The airport especially recommends the Terminal A parking for travelers who are flying with Delta, Delta Song, United, AmericaWest, Continental, Northwest, and US Airways. However, travelers will have to pay top dollar for this convenience. Parking in the Terminal A lot costs $2.50 for only a half hour. Parking for a week in this lot costs $69.00.

There is also a short term garage located right next to Terminal A. Parking in the short term Terminal A garage costs $24.00 per day. Like the long term garage near Terminal A, a half hour in this lot costs $2.50.

Bradley Airport also has a long term convenient option for travelers who are flying out of Terminal B. The airport recommends the Terminal B parking for those who are flying with Mid West, Charters International, Air Canada Jazz, or American. There is no short term parking next to Terminal B.

Economy options for parking at Bradley Airport

The cheapest option for Bradley Airport parking is in economy lot 5. This lot charges only $6.00 per day and $36.00 for a week. However, travelers will have to ride the shuttle buses to Terminals A and B. The shuttles do run 24 hours a day though, so lot 5 is certainly a great choice for travelers who don’t want to spend a lot on parking at Bradley International Airport.

There are cheaper options that are closer to the terminals than lot 5, and these options cost less than the parking garages for Terminals A and B. Also, travelers will have to ride the airport shuttles if they park in any of these three parking lots. Make sure to check their prices for all options, as they are subject to change.

Inexpensive parking is available, but at the cost of convenience. Parking at an airport can be hectic, so paying more for closer parking can make your trip a little easier. Either way, Bradley Airport has many parking options to choose from.

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