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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners - Picking the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for YOUR Personality - Retro-fiend, Sci-fi Junkie, The Débutante, Green Revolutionary

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Are you looking for a new lightweight vacuum cleaner to tackle your household dust-bunnies? Remember, it’s important to consider one’s personality when purchasing an item that is so integral to a home! This guide will show you top vacuum picks for different personality options, so that you can decide for yourself which one will feel most at home in your broom closet. Every vacuum on this list is a consistent high-scorer on consumer reviews, so you can feel at ease choosing any one of them!


Samsung Easy 1300 Lightweight Compact Canister
While the name is a mouthful to say, the Samsung Easy 1300 embodies all that is good from old-school canister-style vacuum cleaners, plus a sleek modern makeover! Canister vacuums are great for stairs, cars, and other hard-to-access places. And this model comes in at a minuscule 5 pounds! But don’t let the weight fool you, this vacuum packs a 1300 watt variable speed motor that can take on even the most vicious dust-bunnies. The Easy 1300 has more attachments than a Swiss Army knife and multiple settings for cleaning all household surfaces. And consumers love the cute, stylish chassis that is sure to get along with any modern living room. This vacuum goes for about $175.

Sci-fi Junkie

iRobot Roomba 510
While Roombas have been the subject of countless late-night TV jokes and YouTube videos, they represent an amazing advancement in dirt-eating technology! (Not to mention cat-entertainment technology). It’s simple to use, it stops when it’s full, and it’s great for continual pet-hair maintenance. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a self-guiding vacuum cleaner that automatically patrols your house for dirt? The future is here, my friends. Bring on the flying car.

The iRobot Roomba 510 goes for about $250.

The Débutante

Dyson DC25 All Floors
Coming in at $500, the Dyson DC25 can inspire some serious sticker shock in cash-conscious consumers. But amazingly, they keep selling like hotcakes! Virtually every consumer review on Amazon follows the same exact formula:
1.The customer can’t believe they’re spending so much on a vacuum, but heard too many good things about it to say no.
2.The customer eagerly opens the vacuum and has to try it out the very day it arrives.
3.The customer is amazed at the cleaning power, light weight, and style of the vacuum cleaner. They immediately burn their old vacuum at the stake.
4.Customer writes a raving review of the Dyson DC25
It’s the circle of life.
It seems that Dyson has built a huge business here using viral consumer reviews. Very smart. But it’s hard to argue with hundreds of extra-satisfied customers, so if you want the best of the best, go with this.

Green Revolutionary

Hoky Rotorbrush 23T Non Electric Standard Brush Sweeper
Remember the non-electric carpet sweepers that your teacher used to use in school? This is the souped-up, ultimate version of that. It comes in an attractive red-and-black color scheme that is much more becoming than whatever your teacher was using, and it has a lifetime warranty on its construction. Because it is completely non-electric, it is quiet as a whisper and will definitely not leave much of a carbon footprint. So if you’re looking for a green alternative to clean up after your next big communal organic pot luck, this is the one for you. Starts at $45.

Penny Pincher

Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140-900
While it doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles of the previous entries, review after review states that the Hoover Tempo is above all a solid vacuum for your money. Coming in at around $80, the Tempo is a great choice if you’re looking to stretch a dollar as far as it will go. It weighs a slim 16 pounds, which is quite a bit less than most vacuums in the price range, and it even gets better reviews than many of Hoover’s more expensive models. Yes, this vacuum is a workhorse – none of the glitz and glamor, but it gets the job done with a nod and a thank-you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this personality-matching guide for lightweight vacuum cleaners. Happy cleaning!

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