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Breast Cancer Pins - Pink Ribbon Pins for Breast Cancer

The History and Meaning Behind the Pink Pin Movement

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Everyone has seen the pink ribbons worn by millions during October for awareness of breast cancer research. Ribbons have been used in history to commemorate everything from POW’s to HIV to cancer treatment and research. Today, the pink ribbon drive raises millions of dollars each year for cancer treatment research through the sale of breast cancer pins.

In 1990, the Susan G. Koman Association made pink ribbons and handed them to random runners in their annual Race for the Cure. By the next year’s race, they had enough ribbons to hand out to every runner. In 1992 Charlotte Haley created a ribbon to commemorate her daughter’s breast cancer survival. Ms. Haley began passing her peach-colored ribbons to friends with a note asking them to write their legislators with requests for additional funds for cancer research. At the same time, Alexandra Penney and Evelyn Lauder created 1.5 millions pink ribbons and handed them out at the Estee Lauder makeup counters across the country. Lauder was a survivor of breast cancer and wanted to raise awareness of the disease. Due to the efforts of Alexandra Penney and Evelyn Lauder, the pink ribbon is known across the country and has become synonymous with breast cancer research.

The ribbon and the symbolism can be seen everywhere. You can make a ribbon simply by buying ribbon, looping it and running it to your lapel. You can also purchase merchandise from several online and department stores with the pink ribbon emblem. When you buy a product, a portion of the cost of each product goes to research breast cancer. You can find simple pins made from ribbon or plastic for under $1 at Pin Mart Online. You can also find elaborate pins made from sterling silver and adorned with pink diamonds for thousands of dollars at retailers across the country.

Whether you are a survivor of cancer, know someone who has survived cancer or just want to show support, purchase a breast cancer pin. Every pin your purchase will help fund research to find a cure for breast cancer.

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