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Pop Up Blocker Free - Pop Up Blocker Features - Enabling and Disabling the Blocker, Home Page Hijacking, Identity Theft Assessment

What Comes With a Free Pop Up Blocker?

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If you are looking at free pop up blockers on the internet, you might be overwhelmed. There are countless programs that block pop ups, making it difficult to make a decision. The decision is made much easier, though, by deciding which features you need with your blocker.

Enabling and Disabling the Blocker

Do you want to be able to turn the blocker off and on? Many people like this feature, as it makes it easy to let trusted sites past the blocker. This is helpful when you visit a site that uses a pop up to provide information. For example, many websites have links you can click on. The links open up in a new window, which is considered a pop up. Unlike other forms of pop ups, though, these are not advertisements. They provide you with something you need. If you want to be able to turn your blocker on and off, consider getting the Google Toolbar. The toolbar comes with a free pop up blocker that can be enabled and disabled.

Home Page Hijacking

Have you ever turned on your computer and realized you have a different homepage? The new page is typically an advertisement, and sometimes, it is difficult to change your home page back. You can get a program that will prevent your page from changing unless you authorize the changes. Smart Pop Up Blocker 1.2 will not only make pop ups stop, but it will also protect your home page. You will not have to worry about your page being hijacked when you use this software.

Identity Theft Assessment

Identity theft is a serious issue, and it has plagued the online community for years. People make purchases with credit cards online, so they have to worry about having their identity stolen. You can get a blocker that will provide you with an identity theft assessment. One such program is the free edition of Pop-Up Stopper. You can view the identity theft assessment and take steps to protect your identity.

Blockers do more than block advertisements. They offer a variety of features for users. In addition, they are easy to manage, so you will be able to start using the features of the software as soon as you install it on your computer.

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