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Cash Back Visa - Popular cash back Visa cards - The Chase Freedom Visa, The Bank Americard Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card

percent credit purchases categories

There are plenty of different kinds of credit cards, and many of them offer rewards of some form. One example is the cash back Visa card, which essentially gives the consumer back some of the money he or she spends on the card. There are many different cash back Visa cards, so we will take a closer look at several of the most popular ones.

The Chase Freedom Visa

One of the most popular cash back visa cards is the Chase Freedom Visa. This credit card gives the consumer $100 cash back after he or she makes $799 worth of purchase on the credit card. However, those purchases much be made within the first month of getting the credit card, or that extra cash bonus goes away. The Chase Freedom Visa also gives 5 percent cash back on purchases made in several categories like gas, department stores, and home improvement stores. Any purchases made outside of those categories earn the consumer 1 percent cash back. The interest rate on this card is a regular variable APR that can be as low as 12.99 percent.

The Bank Americard Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card

Another very popular cash back Visa comes from Bank of America. This Visa card earns 3 percent cash back on purchases made in particular categories like gas, grocery stores, and drug stores. Purchases made in all other categories earn 1 percent cash back. The Bank Americard Cash Rewards Visa Signature card pays the cash back rewards as a check, credit on the consumer’s credit card, credit toward a Bank of America mortgage, or direct deposit right into the consumer’s checking account. Consumers who save up their cash rewards until they have at least $300 automatically get a 25 percent bonus. The interest rate for this card is variable and ranges from 12.99 to 20.99 percent.

The Capital One Student Rewards Card

College students trying to get their first credit card may want to check out a cash back Visa like the Capital One Student Rewards card. This credit card offers 2 percent cash back on purchases made in categories like restaurants, entertainment, books, and cell phone bills. Purchases made in all other categories earn the student 1 percent cash back. Students can get their cash back however they want it, whenever they want it. The typical APR on this credit card is about 24.9 percent

The Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students

Another great cash back Visa card for students is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card. This credit card earns the student 5 percent cash back on purchases made in categories like grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and utility bills. However that nice 5 percent does end after the student has had the card for 6 months. Then the cash back rewards drops down to 2 percent. Any purchases on items that fall outside of the listed categories earn a solid 1 percent cash back reward, starting from day one of the card. The typical APR interest rate on this card varies from 12.99 percent to 21.99 percent on a variable rate.

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