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Ice Maker Portable - Portable Ice Maker Comparison - EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker (Model: IP210TI)

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There was once a time when it was required to put ice into a freezer to keep our food cold. Today, we are expected to be able to take fresh ice out of a freezer instead. Many people, however, do not own a freezer with an automatic icemaker, and ice cube trays just do not keep up with the demand they have for ice. In some instances, even automatic ice makers do not meet the requirements for ice when you have guests or when you are throwing a big party. It is inconvenient to have to buy bags of ice from a store, and there is not always a place to store the ice before it melts. To solve all of these problems, consumers have a choice of many brands and designs of portable ice makers.

Many people believe their only alternative if they want an ice maker is to buy a commercial ice machine like those used in restaurants. To meet this demand, many brands have designed technology to make an ice maker portable. These machines can sit on the floor or on a countertop, depending on their size. Some are able of producing more than 40 pounds of ice in a single day. However, most people who require a portable ice maker get by with one that produces 30 pounds of ice daily.

Most portable ice makers are very simple to use: just plug them in and fill the water unit with water. Some may have an additional switch. Manufacturers who have made their ice maker portable have had to compromise with some inherent drawbacks. Portable ice makers break down at a higher rate than full-size or commercial models. For this reason, a model that carries a long warranty is highly recommended. This also makes portable ice makers suited only to occasional use. Everyday use will also produce a higher rate of breakdowns.

The following are some of the best-selling models of portable ice makers:

EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker (Model: IP210TI)

The Edgestar Titanium IP210TI is one of the best-selling home ice makers on the market. Operation is as simple as filling the reservoir with bottled or tap water and plugging the device into a regular 110V outlet. The first ice is ready in less than 10 minutes. Features include the following:

• 6-minute output time
• 2-pound ice storage
• Settings for 3 sizes of ice
• 28 pounds of ice produced per day
• Melted ice drains back into reservoir
• Dimensions: 11.75” W x 14.5” D x 14.5” H
• Weight: 31 pounds
• Warranty: 90 days labor/1 year parts
• List Price: $219

Koldfront Portable Ice Maker (Model: KIM210W)

The Koldfront KIM210W Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker comes in an attractive white design, making it perfect for kitchens, but still great at the bar, office, or patio. Controls consist of only two buttons, so it is easy to use. It works through a standard 110V electrical outlet. Features of the KIM210w include the following:

• 6-minute minimum freeze time
• Operates with tap water or bottled
• Stores 2 pounds of ice
• Makes up to 28 pounds per day
• 3 sizes of ice cubes available
• Dimensions: 11.75” W x 14.5” D x 14.5” H
• Weight: 31 pounds
• Warranty: 90 days labor/1 year parts
• List Price: $239

Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker (Model: IM-100)

The Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker is boeth stylish and efficient. It is perfect for bars, dorm rooms, rec rooms, or in vacation cottages. It uses a compressor free of dangerous CFCs and requires no installation. Features of the Sunpentown ice maker include the following:

• 12 cubes per 10 minute rate
• Holds 2.5 pounds of ice cubes
• 35-pound daily capacity
• Settings for 3 sizes of cubes
• 1.2 gallon reservoir
• No drain required
• Dimensions: 15” W x 17” D x 17” H
• Weight: 45 pounds
• List Price: $269

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