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Performing Arts Colleges - Programs Available at Performing Arts Colleges - Music, Dance, Theater and Performance Studies

Students Can Learn About Music, Dance and Theater at Performing Arts Colleges

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Performing arts is an exciting industry. You can entertain crowds for a living and get paid for doing what you love. Before you become successful in performing arts, though, it is a good attend a school and hone your skills. Performing arts colleges offer degrees in music, dance and theater.


American University in Washington, D.C. allows students to concentrate on various disciplines in the music field. They can play orchestral instruments, receive vocal training or practice on the guitar or organ. After students choose their discipline, they will begin to receive formal training. They will learn about the history of music. They will also learn how to fine-tune their musical abilities so they can perform on a professional level. Students will have to perform and complete coursework in order to meet the degree requirements.


Adelphi University in Garden City, New York has enjoyed a great deal of success with its dance program. Graduates have danced in Broadway hits like Cats and Annie. The school offers small classes, so students can get instant feedback from the faculty. Students learn through performing, and are given many opportunities to test their skills.

Theater and Performance Studies

Washington D.C.’s Georgetown University has a theater and performance studies program. Students create performances, and then put them on in the theater. Many of the works they create are based on hot button topics, such as current political issues. The performances draw large crowds, so students are able to practice performing in front of groups of people.

After you earn your performing arts degree, you will be ready to go out and begin your new career. You can work on the stage in plays, join the orchestra or become a part of a touring company and dance. You will have lots of opportunities to do what you love.

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