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Seattle Airport Shuttle - Pros and Cons of Booking a Seattle Airport Shuttle

express passengers travel shuttles

Seattle is the largest city of Washington and is a busy seaport named after Chief Seattle of the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes. Seattle’s most famous landmark is the Space Needle, which has been featured in movies like Sleepless in Seattle. Other famous places to visit include the Pike Place Market, Fremont Troll and Seattle Central Library.

Seattle’s economy is largely dependent on the port although recession has affected trade in the city. Companies such as Starbucks, Nordstorm and Amazon.com are headquartered in Seattle. The Seattle
Tacoma airport, also known as the Sea-Tac airport, provides commercial air travel to all countries across the world. The airport is operated by the Port of Seattle.

Shuttles and buses run round the clock and connect major neighborhoods such as Bellevue and Tacoma to the airport. Passengers are dropped at their airline and picked up from the third floor of the Airport Garage. The official shuttle service is provided by Shuttle Express, but there are a few private players, too, like Airporter Shuttle and Capital Aeroporter.

Shuttle Express is located between the purple and orange elevator banks on the third floor of the airport garage. Between 7 AM to 2 AM, you can contact Shuttle Express coordinators for travel assistance.
After 2 AM, passengers can call the reservations office for a van.

Seattle airport shuttles are also known as shared ride vans. Passengers can save $10 with round trip discounts that are offered by Shuttle Express. Kids below twelve years of age ride free if they have an accompanying adult. Shuttle Express can be contacted at (425) 981-7000 for reservations. They require a very early pickup for flights – you could be picked up three to four hours early.

All shuttle services require that passengers make a reservation 24 hours prior to arrival or departure. You might get a seat on the spot but it is highly unlikely. Typical fare prices are between $30 and $40 for one way travel. Fare also depends on the location you are boarding from.

Some shuttle services also offer intercity travel, allowing passengers to relax and reach their destination without the hassle of driving. All the shuttles are well maintained and comfortable. All the shuttle services have their own safety guidelines for drivers which are followed stringently.

The only disadvantage is the numerous stops on the way. This could be slightly annoying if you are the first pickup. However, shuttles can use car pool lanes on traffic clogged roads so you will actually reach your destination sooner. For three or more travelers, a private exclusive car service would be cheaper than a Seattle airport shuttle.

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