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Winning Cash Flow Business - Psychology in Advertising as seen in Winning in the Cash Flow Business

How to Decide if These Programs are Right for You

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Russ Dalbey’s program Winning in the Cash Flow Business is causing some controversy. For every good report there is a negative one. Who do you believe? Well, no matter what you read, it is still going to be down to you, the consumer, to do your own research and understand how advertising works. This article will explain some of the psychology used in advertising to make products appealing to their target market. Just to be clear, if you are reading this, then you are the target market.

Most infomercials air at night when troubled people can’t sleep. Troubled people are often kept awake because of life stress, money stress, bad economy stress, or loss of job stress. See the pattern? You are wide awake at 3 AM stressing because you might lose the job that is just barely making ends meet as it is.

You’re flicking through the channels in the hopes of taking your mind off your troubles and BAM. There he is, Dalbey, and others like him, flogging his “Winning in the Cash Flow Business.” He’s upbeat and successful. The people giving testimonials are upbeat and successful but, at one time, they were struggling just as hard as you are right now. Everyone in the commercial sends the message “Give it a try what do you have to lose?” Now, that is the question you have to answer. No one else can answer it for you.

In order to get someone’s attention, especially in advertising, it is necessary to provoke a strong emotional response. The emotions provoked by the commercial can influence the attitude of the target audience (remember that is you) and motivate them to do something about it. Studies have shown that the stronger the emotional reaction, the less rational thought will be used in the resulting action, such as buying a product. Thus, many people who are facing economic stress and exposed to a product like Winning in the Cash Flow Business will make their purchase immediately.

The brain is incredibly complex. Think back to when you learned to ride a bike or drive a car — think about how every movement was thought out and calculated. Eventually you could ride or drive while doing a multitude of other things. This is an example of how our brains take short cuts to complete everyday tasks. These short cuts happen outside of your awareness. It is this pattern of behavior that allows people to be easily influenced by outside forces like advertising. Because we are bombarded with advertising, it is often easy to take a mental short cut and avoid thinking critically about an advertisement or promotion. Additionally, an interesting psychological phenomenon has been observed wherein people are able to see how advertising has influenced other people, but they are often unable to see that it has also affected them personally. This is how good advertising slips in under your radar.

This is not to suggest that subliminal messaging is being used in this type of advertising, but rather that skilled advertisers are aware of the psychological make up of the brain and they have learned how to exploit it.

Another reason that successful advertising works is because the more you see something, the more likely you are to like or want it. If you’ve heard someone say, “When I first saw the commercial I thought it was dumb, but the more I see it the more sense it makes,” this is the exposure rule at work. Combine this rule with the power sale approach that infomercials use and it becomes a snare that won’t let the target audience (you) out of its grasp.

Exposure is important because it creates familiarity. Likewise, similarity is important because the target audience (you) will be able to identify with the person in the commercial, making you more likely to copy their actions. Advertisers spend time and money to find the best strategies that will appeal to their audience. A well-groomed authoritative figure dressed in a suit is used to sell insurance. An identifiable sports star is dressed in sports gear and is used to sell running shoes. These figures have more power over your psyche to buy these products than a cartoon tooth-fairy would.

Russ Dalbey, creator of Winning in the Cash Flow Business, is aware of these principles and advises people to follow them. He sets out a “Top Ten Marketing Tips” schedule that encourages his clients to grab attention, be personal and to appeal to the emotional aspect of the target audience.

So, when it comes to deciding whether or not you want to listen to an infomercial do some research. Dissect and analyze the information that comes to you. Weigh this against the psychology behind advertising. Somewhere between the overtly negative reviews and the “I used to be just like you but now I am successful” comments, is the truth. If you think analyzing this stuff is too much work, then possibly this is not the business for you.

Before entering into a program like Winning in the Cash Flow Business, it is crucial that you think critically about what the program offers, and whether such a program is the right move for you and your present circumstances. Remember that in life, there is no quick fix or easy solution. Simply signing up for a program will not solve all of your problems. Hard work and critical thinking are essential for success in any endeavor.

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