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Equity Research Jobs - Requirements for Equity Research Jobs - Equity Research Job Requirements, Post-Secondary Education, Work Experience, Research Abilities

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Equity research jobs involve analysis of companies for finding of possible investments. There are two types of equity research: sell-side equity research and buy-side equity research. In sell-side equity research the analysts provide their research to clients, while in buy-side equity research to make investments for theory own firm. This job is very similar to investment, financial, or securities analysts.

Equity Research Job Requirements

Equity research jobs have the following four requirements post-secondary training, work experience, research abilities and successful completion of the interview process.

Equity research jobs provide the greatest satisfaction to people who have an analytical mind, enjoy working on their own, and are comfortable exploring multiple scenarios. The main skills required for this job is data manipulation and management.

Post-Secondary Education

Although a lot of firms hire analysis’s with a college diploma in accounting for entry-level assistant positions, most investment and banking firms give preference to University degree holders. The required post-secondary education degree can be in accounting, business, math, statistics or some other related discipline.

Work Experience

The work experience required for equity research jobs includes financial analyst, statistician, accounting, or finance officer. These jobs involve the use of computer software analysis programs and statistical programs. Equity research analyst positions are usually filled by individuals with experience, with limited jobs available to fresh graduates.

Research Abilities

As mentioned above, research abilities are crucial for this job. An analyst with optimal research skills can quickly retrieve data, correct citation sources, and locate the best resources for a particular area.

Job Application and Interview

Job applicants should proofread their resume and cover letter to double check for any error in spelling or grammar before submitting their application. The company my ask applicants to provide credit and criminal records as part of the application process.

In the job interview, candidates are mostly provided a list of standard questions which required answering in a complete and concise manner. Candidates should keep in mind that everything they say or write will be written down and reviewed. While answering the questions, applicants should think what they will write, stay calm and make sure that they answer the question that was asked.


Applicants who wish to advance their career to a management or supervisory level normally need additional formal training. I many cases, this training is in the form of a master’s degree in finance or statistics. Equity research jobs include positions as data managers, accounting analysts and analysts for software companies.

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