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Rockport Men's Shoes - Rockport Men's Shoes: Style and Function for around $100

casual variety wear models

Rockport men’s shoes enjoy generally positive consumer reviews for providing casual to semi-formal footwear at prices near the $100 range. Stylish yet practical, Rockport men’s shoes come in a variety of styles.

Rockport puts its best shoes forward by advertising the practical, problem-solving science behind their footwear. Dynamic suspension, waterproofing, and air circulation combine in many of their models. Additionally, Rockport men’s shoes are known for their fit: the wides are wide enough; the thins are thin enough. Fitting with their practical approach, Rockport accounts for the wide variety of body types among their clientele.

Twenty-one varieties of boat shoes are available at $75-$100. Thinly slit rubber soles resist slippage and waterlogging, while decorative stitching provides style. They are available in a variety of colors, ranging from muted reds and blues to a variety of earth tones ranging from tan to dark brown. Rockport is a well-known maker of boat shoes, providing a stylish and durable shoe which will last for years despite the rigors of nautical wear.

Rockport’s five boot models exist mostly for those so confident in the Rockport name that they wish to have their boots as well. At $130-$140, they are priced reasonably, but it is important to note that Rockport is by no means a boot specialist.

What Rockport does specialize in is oxfords. Rockport offers over 60 models of oxford, and it is for this shoe that the company is truly known. Available in blacks and browns, their $90-$130 shoes are ideal for business casual dress, looking sharp with a tie even if your sleeves are rolled up. They even offer a luxury model, the Hinsdale Black, a $170 all-leather shoe which wears like an oxford but shines like formal wear. Six of these models are also waterproof, making them invaluable to professionals who may get caught out in the rain.

Rockport also offers a substantial collection of casual wear, including fashion sneakers, walking shoes, loafers, and slip-ons. These come in whites, browns, blacks, and grays, and several are designed with water-resistance in mind as well. They offer eighteen varieties of sandal at $65-$85, nine styles of walking shoe at $90-$95, and thirteen models of fashion sneakers at $80-$120.

Second only to the oxfords in scope and popularity are Rockport’s loafers and slip-ons. Rockport men’s shoes include forty-five types of these casually stylish shoes. Available in varying degrees of formality and fashion, Rockport loafers provide flexible choices for business casual attire. They are also slightly less expensive than the oxfords at $80-$130.

Rockport men’s shoes serve a variety of functions in an even greater variety of styles. Known in particular for the quality of their business casual wear, Rockport produces one hundred styles of oxfords, loafers, and slip-ons in colors ranging from browns to blacks. They make an earnest effort at casual wear as well, using their foot technology to produce stylish boat shoes, fashion sneakers, sandals, and walking shoes.

Their boots remain an afterthought.

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