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Monterey Park Hotels - Searching for Monterey Park Hotels - The price of hotels in Monterey Park, Lincoln Plaza Hotel

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Monterey Park, California is a city located just outside of Los Angeles. It’s a 20-40 minute drive from just about any attraction travelers may want to visit in the Los Angeles area. Checking out Monterey Park hotels is a great way to visit southern California and still save a little bit of money. Another noteworthy aspect of Monterey Park is all the Chinese restaurants. Anyone who loves Chinese food will definitely want to stay in Monterey Park to experience the local Chinese culture and cuisine.

The price of hotels in Monterey Park

Travelers will find that they can stay at most Monterey Park hotels rather inexpensively, which may be the reason some choose to stay in this city instead of paying higher Los Angeles prices. The majority of hotels in Monterey Park are priced at less than $100 per night, although there are a few that range up to $125. The reason many hotels in this city are priced so low is because there really aren’t any four or five-star hotels located there. Let’s take a look at a few of the hotels that get the best guest reviews.

Lincoln Plaza Hotel

Lincoln Plaza Hotel is not part of a chain, but it certainly offers the charm of southern California. Lincoln Plaza’s rating is two and a half stars, and it offers all the amenities you would expect to find at a hotel, including free wireless internet, a swimming pool, and business center. There’s also an express shuttle that will take you to many of the attractions in southern California. It’s really not a bad deal for those who don’t want to have to rent a car during their visit.

Best Western Monterey Park Inn

The Best Western in Monterey Park also gets fairly high marks as far as Monterey Park hotels go. The main concern guests had about the Best Western is that the exterior looks very old and rundown. However, they say the hotel makes up for the rundown exterior by providing modern rooms that are very clean. Another bonus about the Best Western is that it does give easy access to Pasadena, home of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. Travelers heading to Pasadena may certainly want to check out the Best Western instead of paying higher prices in Pasadena.

Comfort Inn Monterey Park

Travelers looking for just a basic hotel in Monterey Park may want to check out the Comfort Inn. The hotel is centrally located, and the property is fairly new. However, if you feel that a swimming pool is a requirement of any hotel you stay at, you will want to upgrade to a different hotel because this Comfort Inn does not have one.

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