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Texas Education Jobs - Searching for Texas education jobs - About the Texas Education Agency, Certification required for Texas education jobs

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Searching for a new job is always an adventure, and many states have plenty of openings in certain fields. However, sometimes you just have to know where to look. For example, searching for Texas education jobs is easy when you know that the Texas Education Agency handles pretty much all of the teaching jobs in the state.

About the Texas Education Agency

The mission of the Texas Education Agency is to provide leadership and resources to help all schools in the state of Texas meet students’ educational needs. That mission includes finding teachers who have what it takes to provide students in Texas with an education that is up to federal standards. The agency also manages textbook selection for the state and administers statewide testing. It also rates school districts, so the agency is certainly a valuable resource for anyone who’s looking for Texas education jobs.

Certification required for Texas education jobs

As with teaching positions in all states, teachers in Texas must be certified before they can become an educator. The Texas Education Agency also handles all certifications and sets forth the requirements necessary for certification. The State Board for Education Certification provides exams to everyone who wants to become a teacher in the state of Texas.

In addition to testing, there are also other requirements to become a teacher in Texas. Teachers must graduate from an approved educator preparation program. Approved programs usually result in a bachelor’s degree in education. Some schools also offer alternative programs for educator preparation. It is also possible to be certified in Texas if the teacher is certified in another state. As long as the teacher’s certification in another state has not been revoked or suspended, the teacher is eligible to become certified to teach in Texas.

Other helpful contacts for Texas education jobs

There are also plenty of other contacts that can help educators who are trying to find a teaching job in Texas. Education America is an employment network that is specifically for teachers, and it lists jobs all around the United States, including in Texas. However, not all school corporations belong to the Education America Network, so searching the teaching jobs available through this network is, by no means, an exhaustive search. However, the network can be a very valuable resource for teachers who are looking for a job. One good thing about this network is that teachers can also set up profiles on it, which gives schools the opportunity to see their credentials. It’s almost like a job network that focuses on teachers.

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