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Car Insurance Northern Ireland - Securing Against Theft Equals Savings for Car Insurance Northern Ireland - Theft Deterrents, Overnight Storage, Immobilizer, Alarms, GPS Tracking Devices, Other Concerns

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Northern Ireland’s Road Traffic Acts of 1933 and 1961 have required that all drivers maintain car insurance. Northern Ireland regulations are similar to those in most other jurisdictions: third party liability is the minimum requirement mandated by law.

A variety of factors affect the price of Northern Ireland car insurance, some of which may be unfamiliar to non-natives. Though Northern Ireland experiences a low amount of violent crime, it sports an unusually high amount of automotive theft, referred to locally as “Taking and Driving Away.” Because of this, car insurance companies assess their rates not only with the usual concerns of driver safety, but also with the security of the vehicle.

Theft Deterrents

These factors all reflect insurance companies’ need to address Northern Ireland’s high automotive theft rates.

Overnight Storage

In assigning fees for car insurance, Northern Ireland companies also look at how a vehicle is usually stored overnight. Is the car kept on the road or in a garage? Is it a public or private garage? How secure is it? These questions and more help these companies measure how likely it is that the car will be damaged or stolen while not in use.


An immobilizer is a defense against hot wiring. It stops an engine from running unless a special key is present. These devices are mandatory in all new cars built in Germany, the UK, Australia, and Canada, but older cars tend not to have them. When an immobilizer is present (even if it was installed after the car was built), insurance companies feel more confident that the vehicle will not be stolen.


A simple car alarm reduces rates in the same way that other security devices do.

GPS Tracking Devices

Advances in GPS technology have created another factor in pricing car insurance. Northern Ireland companies look favorably upon cars which can be located even after they are stolen, as this increases the likelihood of recovery if a car should happen to be taken and driven away. Such systems are not cheap, but they are a powerful deterrent to thieves.

Other Concerns

Driver safety issues also determine car insurance rates much like in other countries.

Left vs. Right Hand Drive

It is safer for a driver to steer a vehicle closer to the inside lane of traffic. This makes it easier to gauge oncoming traffic and avoid crossing the center line. Ireland sees both left- and right-hand drives of car, and Northern Ireland car insurance providers charge higher rates for those who drive cars designed for countries where cars coast on the right side of the road.

Car Safety

The standards of car safety apply in Northern Ireland as well. Sports cars are more expensive to insure than family vehicles, even when the family vehicle is capable of reaching high speeds. Likewise, cars which have been tested and proven extraordinarily safe receive insurance discounts as in other countries.


Extensive modifications to the original manufacturer design are seen as a risk to Northern Ireland insurance companies, as each alteration increases the likelihood of a malfunction.


Because of differences in manufacturing requirements and design features, imports from the United States, Japan, or elsewhere in Europe will increase insurance prices.

Driver History

Lastly, the length of time which the car driver has held his or her license, records of both motoring and non-motoring convictions, number of accidents all effect the confidence which Northern Ireland car insurance companies feel toward those they insure.


When seeking car insurance, Northern Ireland drivers face a unique set of variables which determine the insurance rates available to them. To find the best rates, four websites—Compare the Market, Compare NI, Endsleigh, and TESCO all provide car insurance quotes for Northern Ireland. In providing quotes, these websites touch on all the factors mentioned above to provide accurate estimates of how much car insurance rates will be.

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