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Fort Worth Houses - Shopping for Fort Worth houses - Fort Worth houses in the downtown area, Western Fort Worth houses

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The city of Fort Worth, Texas is a huge metropolitan area that combines with the even larger city of Dallas, and shopping for Fort Worth houses is a huge task. The easiest way to find Fort Worth, Texas homes that fit the budget and lifestyle you are looking for is by dividing the city into its many neighborhoods.

Fort Worth houses in the downtown area

Downtown Fort Worth is home to the arts and culture world of trhe city. Bass Performance Hall, Jubilee Theatre, and McDavid Studio are all located downtown, as are many of the hottest nightclubs. Anyone who wants to be in the center of it all should consider looking for homes in the downtown area.

The only bad thing about downtown Fort Worth is that the value of the homes available there is lower compared to other parts of the city. The public schools in most of the downtown district are not rated as highly as those in other parts of the city, although there are a few downtown districts that get higher marks. If schools are one of your concerns, try to find a home in the Jacksboro Highway area. The schools there are highly rated, and the neighborhood is close to downtown. Just beware that some parts of the Jacksboro Highway area do fall in higher crime rate areas.

Western Fort Worth houses

The western side of the city holds what is probably one of the trendiest neighborhood in Fort Worth. The Camp Bowie district is located just west of the downtown area, and the home value in this area is much more reasonable than you might expect. The average home price for the Camp Bowie area is actually under $100,000. The schools are about average, and the crime rate is about average for the Fort Worth area.

Other good neighborhoods on the west side of town are Westland, White Settlement Road, and Lakeside, although these are located on the outer edge of the city. All three have good public schools and an overall great value for the money.

Fort Worth, Texas homes on the northern side

The northern side holds many of the best values when it comes to homes, schools, and appreciation rates. The Haslet area is a winner in all three of these areas, as is Eagle Mountain. These areas are located quite a bit further out from the downtown area, although there are also some areas like Melody Hills and Beach Street that also have higher rated public schools but are a bit closer to the downtown area.

Eastern Fort Worth houses

Much of the area just east of downtown Fort Worth has very low appreciation rates and lower rated public schools. The better neighborhoods on the east side are located much further out, and they include Randol Mill Road and Trinity Boulevard.

Fort Worth, Texas houses on the southern side

The southern part of the city is broken up into a lot of very small neighborhoods, and like the east side, you have to get further out of town before you start seeing a higher value for the home prices. Median home prices on the south side fall in the lower $60,000 range, but most of those public schools are lower rated, and the crime rate tends to be higher there.

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