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Irvine Ca Homes - Shopping for Irvine, CA homes for sale - Irvine, CA homes in Woodbridge

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Looking for a new home is always an adventure, and, like most real estate markets, there are plenty of Irvine, California homes for sale if that is where you need to move to. Of course the first place to start is always going to be location. Irvine is quite a large city, and you want to be close to the place you will work and the activities you enjoy.

There are several very popular neighborhoods in Irvine, California, and homes can be found for sale in each one. We will take a look at several of these popular neighborhoods and the prices that can be expected for Irvine, California homes in each.

Irvine, CA homes in Woodbridge

One of the first things home buyers will notice about Irvine, California homes for sale is that a large number of the homes are condominiums. This is especially true of the Woodbridge area, where condos will run you around $450,000. Woodbridge is right in the heart of Irvine, and it is a master-planned community. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are right on the lake, and the building styles are very reminiscent of Cape Cod influence.

Irvine, California homes for sale in Lower Peters Canyon

Lower Peters Canyon is home to Lower Peters Canyon Park, so the area is perfect for nature lovers. The Lower Peters Canyon area includes plenty of parks and walking trails, along with some stunning homes placed right in the middle of nature’s beauty. Homes in Lower Peters Canyon range from condos priced in the $400,000 range, to single-family homes priced between $600,000 up into the $1 million range.

Irvine, CA homes in Quail Hill

The Quail Hill neighborhood is nestled between a nature preserve and Sand Canyon on the south side of Irvine. Some of the homes in this area are at the top of Quail Hill, which is rather steep, but most of these higher homes have spectacular views of Orange County below them. Homes in the Quail hill area range between $750,000 to upward of $1 million.

Irvine, California homes in the Shady Canyon area

Shady Canyon is probably one of the most exclusive areas of Irvine, and the prices of the homes certainly show it. Shady Canyon is home to a spectacular private golf club and very close to the world-renowned Fashion Island, which is an upscale shopping mall in Newport Beach. The homes in the Shady Canyon neighborhood typically fall into the $2 million range, spanning every bit of it. Some homes in the area even sell for as much as $4 million. Most of the homes in the Shady Canyon area are so large that any family members who visit probably won’t even need to look into Irvine, California hotels!

Irvine, CA homes in Oak Creak

The Oak Creek part of Irvine is probably one of the less expensive neighborhoods to live in, with home prices in the $300,000 range. The Oak Creek neighborhood holds an award-winning golf club and plenty to see and do.

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