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Mens Pea Coats - Shopping for Mens Pea Coats - Mens pea coats in different lengths, Business or casual

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When it comes to coats, mens pea coats provide a classic look that just never goes out of style. For men who aren’t quite sure what a pea coat is, it’s a coat that’s usually made of heavy wool and has a large lapel. Pea coats are usually double-breasted, and they often sport very large buttons and pockets. A men’s pea coat is a very traditional look in outerwear, but there are some things to keep in mind while looking for a mens pea coat.

Mens pea coats in different lengths

A mens pea coat can come in several different lengths, and the length that is in for a current year is often the only real thing that changes when it comes to the style of mens pea coats. Some years find men favoring longer pea coats, while other years the shorter men’s pea coat is in. Just taking a look around the stores will give you a good indication of what length is in because most of the mens pea coats will either be longer or shorter that year.

One of the most important things about length is that shorter men should not go with a pea coat that is too long for them because it can make them look shorter. Shorter men who want a long pea coat can find it if they look carefully, but it may take a little extra work finding one that doesn’t look too long.

Business or casual

Another factor when it comes to buying mens pea coats is the style. Some pea coats look more business-like, while other are clearly more casual. This difference is very subtle because the pea coat itself is a rather casual style. However, simply choosing a different texture like tweed can really dress up the pea coat and make it look both business-like and stylish.

Mens pea coats in various colors

Another feature of mens pea coats that should be addressed is color. Most men go for classic colors in darker shades of navy blue or black, although there is a growing number of mens pea coats that are offered in other colors. The most basic thing to remember when considering colors is that navy blue or black is more formal, while other colors like green are more casual.

Pricing information

As with all types of clothing, the price of mens pea coats can range very widely, from as little as $50 to as much as $800. However, most men will find a wide selection of pea coats in the $100 to $200 range. The good news about mens pea coats is the fact that they are all made of wool, so that can tend to keep the price relatively standard, although some of the extremely higher end brands can skew the price of their coats up to the high end of $800. It just comes down to how much you are willing to pay for a nice coat, how thick it is, and what brand it is.

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