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Virginia Beach Houses - Shopping for Virginia Beach houses - Virginia Beach, VA homes in the best school zone

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Searching for a new home is always an adventure, especially when it is on the beach. Whether home buyers are looking for a new home to live in year round or they are just looking for a beach house, there are plenty of Virginia Beach houses to choose from. Whenever someone begins looking for a new home, the most important thing is location. The location should be convenient for whatever priorities top your list of things that are important to you.

Virginia Beach, VA homes in the best school zone

In general, the schools in Virginia Beach are great, but there are a few school zones that stand out above the rest in terms of quality of education. The three highest rated high schools in Virginia Beach are Cox, First Colonial, and Kellam, so home buyers who are concerned about their children’s education will probably want to consider looking at Virginia Beach houses in one of these three school districts.

Beyond the school district, Virginia Beach can be broken down into several different neighborhoods, each of which has its own personality and style.

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach: Chesapeake Beach

One neighborhood that many people still do not know a lot about is Chesapeake Beach. This part of Virginia Beach is also known as Chic’s Beach, and it is largely a beachfront neighborhood. The prices of homes in the Chesapeake Beach area range from $90,000 for a condo to $250,000 for a single-family home. There are also some single-family homes that get up into the $300,000 range, but the greater majority of homes in this area are around $250,000.

Virginia Beach houses in the Pembroke area

The best thing about the Pembroke part of Virginia Beach is how much work has been done to give it the type of small town charm that is hard to find in a larger city. Pembroke Manor is right in the heart of Virginia Beach, and the focus in this part of the city is less on the beach and more on a cosmopolitan lifestyle. There are numerous shops and more upscale homes in this district, which also holds a lot of historical buildings. The average price for a home in Pembroke is around $250,000 to $300,000, although there are also homes priced upward of $600,000.

Virginia Beach houses in the Sandbridge Beach area

Sandbridge Beach is a major resort area, which makes it perfect for home buyers who are looking for more of a vacation home than a year-round home. The area offers many oceanfront properties and several beach paths that are perfect for a sandy stroll. The price of Virginia Beach houses in the Sandbridge Beach area is usually well over $1,000,000. Some homes are even priced well over $2,000,000, although there are a few homes that can be found for $600,000 to $700,000.

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