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Classic Car Insurance Online - Shopping for classic car insurance online - Qualifications for classic car insurance

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Shopping for car insurance is a big job just because of how many different companies offer policies, and looking for classic car insurance online will probably take you away from the usual car insurance companies and over to companies that offer much more specialized coverage. Of course the first thing to consider when looking for any kind of car insurance is price, but that price should always be weighed against what the policy actually covers, especially when you are talking about classic car insurance. After all, many of the pieces needed to fix up an old classic car may be much harder to come by, and you just might not be able to replace the car. This should be taken into account when looking for classic car insurance online.

Qualifications for classic car insurance

Another important thing to take into consideration when shopping for classic car insurance online is whether your vehicle actually qualifies for classic car coverage. In order to qualify, the vehicle must be an antique or classic vehicle. Also some newer vehicles that were of limited production, exotic or special interest can qualify. Modified vehicles like low riders, street rods, and replicas also qualify.

Vehicles that do not qualify for classic car insurance include any vehicles used for regular daily usage, off-road or utility vehicles, motorcycles modified for performance, dune buggies, and vehicles that are for commercial use.

The differences between classic car insurance and regular insurance

There are several reasons classic car owners will want to make sure they purchase special collectors insurance instead of regular car insurance. One reason is because many classic car insurance policies actually cover the agreed value of the car instead of the depreciated value. Classic car insurance policies are based on the idea that the car itself is worth a lot of money because it is an antique. However, regular car insurance policies see the value of a car drop as the car ages. This is called depreciation, and it should really have no place in a policy that covers an antique car.

Another important difference between policies for regular cars and those for classic cars is the amount of mileage that the vehicle is expected to pick up in a year’s time. Most car collectors only drive their vehicles very short distances each year, and many classic car policies have very strict limitations on how many miles the vehicle is allowed to gain each year. One of the most important things you can do when purchasing insurance for an antique car is check to see how many miles the policy will cover in a year. Every single insurance company has different standards for classic cars covered under their policies, so do not assume that all classic car insurance policies are the same when it comes to mileage.

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