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Used Cars Nj - Shopping for used cars in NJ - Used cars in Trenton, NJ, Used cars in Newark, NJ

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Finding a good used car is never easy, no matter what state you live in, and finding used cars in NJ isn’t much different than looking for used vehicles anywhere else. There is always the hassle of trying to figure out which cars are actually still in good shape and which are just about to fall apart. The best thing to do is always to shop around, so here are some of the best places to look for used cars in NJ.

Used cars in Trenton, NJ

Probably the best place to purchase a used car in the Trenton area is at the Haldeman Nissan. Customers report that the customer service at this car lot is phenomenal, and the sales people and managers go out of their way to provide good service and help with whatever you need, even if it is a mechanic in the middle of the highway. Haldeman Nissan is located in the Hamilton Square area, not far from I-295.

Used cars in Newark, NJ

If you are looking for a little bit more personal service when it comes to buying a used car, check out Deals on Wheels in the Newark area. This used car dealer is so small that it does not have its own website, but customers report that the owners are very friendly and willing to help you find what you need. Deals on Wheels is located on Chestnut Street in downtown Newark.

Used cars in Edison, NJ

Customers who are looking for a used car in the Newark area should try Reydel Volkswagen in Edison. Customers gave Reydel five stars in all areas of customer service, including both sales and service. In fact, some people even go so far as to say that their experience at this dealership was the best car-buying experience they have ever had. Reydel is located on Highway 27, right in the main part of Edison, New Jersey.

Used cars in Jersey City, NJ

It is very likely that the best place to buy used cars in all of New Jersey is actually in Jersey City. The New Jersey State Auto Auction is a bargain hunter’s paradise because the sales people are quite flexible with the prices. Anyone who likes to haggle over the price of a car will love to shop at this used car dealer. Another great thing about this dealer is that it does carry pretty much every brand of car you might be looking for. The dealer’s website says it specializes in helping people find cars for less than what the vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book price is.

Used cars in Paterson, NJ

Those who are shopping for used cars in NJ in the Paterson area may want to consider checking out Northeast Motor Cars. This dealer is located on Market Street, and it is a much smaller dealer than others. Customers do enjoy the personal service and good value offered at this dealership.

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