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Womens Flat Shoes - Shopping for women’s flat shoes - Women’s flat shoes to go with a dress, Women’s flats for pants

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Most women love to buy shoes, and the right women’s flat shoes can make a bold statement out of any outfit. Of course there are so many different women’s flat shoes on the market that it can be a challenge to pick out the right ones. However, thinking about exactly what kind of shoe you need is all a matter of priorities.

Of course styles change all the time, but there are just some classic looks in shoes that never go out of style. Most of these shoes will be available in stores for years to come because they provide classic looks that just never go out of style.

Women’s flat shoes to go with a dress

The first thing to consider when buying a pair of flats is whether they are needed to go with a dress or slacks. Also the overall tone of the outfit also plays an important role. For example, women who need a pair of flats to go with a dress will want to choose dressier shoes like the Jan Dress Flat from Annie, which is a very simple dress shoe that will go with just about any dress. Another nice thing about the Jan Dress Flat is the price, which is right around $20. Another good choice for a dress flat is the Dolce Vita Women’s Calvin Flat. This shoe offers more classic elegance in darker colors, and it is priced around $45.

Women’s flats for pants

If the shoes are not meant to go with a particular dress, then the choice is a bit more complicated. For example, some flats look great with a pair of jeans, while others are still dressy enough to wear with dress slacks. Women who are looking for dress shoes to go with a pair of dress pants might consider the Liliana shoes made by Adi. They are dressier-looking, but still casual enough to go with dress pants. The Liliana shoes are priced around $30. The Bamboo shoes made by Journee are perfect for women who need a nice-looking pair of flat shoes to go with their jeans. The Bamboo shoes are priced just over $20, and they come in a variety of different patterns. The Glaze shoes made by Adi are a great in-between solution that can go with either jeans or dress pants, and they are priced around $25.

Shoes as unique as you

Of course sometimes it is just fun to buy shoes because they are cute or ultra-chic, and there are several pair that easily catch the eye. For example, the Pirouette 4 slip-ons made by Earth Women are just adorable, offering a black shoe that resembles a ballet slipper, complete with a strap. The Pirouettes are priced around $50. Also the Damita K Women’s Jackie of Slip-ons come in bright colors that aim to please, priced at just $17. Women who like a little bit of simple elegance will enjoy the Dr. Scholl’s Striped slip-on flats, which come complete with a bow on the front of them. These shoes are priced right at $20.

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