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Twin Foam Mattress - Shopping tips for finding the right twin foam mattress - Thickness, Premium twin foam mattresses, Mattress pads

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Buying a new mattress is always a big job, and getting a twin foam mattress can be a bit difficult. A twin foam mattress is typically made of memory foam, which is known for its amazing ability to return to its original shape after someone has been lying on it. Memory foam was actually created by NASA so the shuttle seats would be safer for astronauts. Here are a few simple tips when it comes to finding the right twin foam mattress for you or your children.


All memory foam mattresses have the same characteristics in that the foam will return to its normal shape after someone gets off of it. However, one of the most important differences between each twin foam mattress is the thickness. Thicker mattresses mean more padding and a softer bed. The thickness of a twin foam mattress can range from three inches up to 10 inches. Of course thicker mattresses also cost more money, so you can expect a three inch twin foam mattress to cost about $45 to $50, while a 10 inch twin foam mattress will cost over $250.

Premium twin foam mattresses

Just like anything else, it is also possible to purchase a high end twin foam mattress. Many of these mattresses carry big names like Laura Ashley. One thing that should be noted about the Laura Ashley memory foam mattresses is that they features five different zones of contour foam, which means that they tend to be even softer than other memory foam beds. The Laura Ashley foam twin mattresses typically cost over $1,500.

Mattress pads

Another option for someone who is looking for a softer solution to sleeping is a twin foam mattress pad. Many three inch mattresses are actually meant to be mattress pads, which means they fit perfectly on top of a traditional mattress. The benefit of mattress pads is the fact that they allow some contour to the body when you lie down on them, but they still offer the firmness of a traditional mattress because the standard mattress is actually underneath the mattress pad. A twin foam mattress pad ranges from $50 to $100.

How to tell the difference between good quality and bad quality foam

With so many different choices for foam mattresses available, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a low quality one and a good quality one. Experts say the best way to tell if a twin foam mattress is of good quality is to press your hand into the mattress. The slower the foam returns to its normal shape, the better quality the mattress is. Always look for a mattress that returns to its shape very slowly. Press your hand into several different kinds of foam mattresses and compare how quickly they return to shape. This will give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to the speed of the mattress returning to its original shape. You may have to compare this to mattresses at different stores because some stores only carry mattress within one level of quality.

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