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Shutters Santa Monica - Shutters Santa Monica: Why It's the Vacation Spot of Choice

What Exactly Does Shutters Santa Monica Have to Offer

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Everyone who is anyone knows about Shutters on The Beach, also known as Shutters Santa Monica. It is “the” place to be when vacationing in the Santa Monica area. If you’re wondering why everyone who visits this resort seems to love it and what the hotel has to offer, this is the information you’ve been missing.

What is Shutters Santa Monica?
If you’re looking for a relaxing stay right on the beach you can’t go wrong with Shutters Santa Monica. This upscale hotel is located right on the Santa Monica waterfront, making it perfect for those who want a great ocean view. But a view isn’t the only thing this hotel has to offer.

The hotel itself was recently redecorated by none other than the renowned White House designer, Michael Smith. The hotel combines upscale accommodations with a comfortable residential feel. If the average hotel leaves you feeling like something is missing, Shutters on The Beach probably has exactly what you’re looking for.

What Does Shutters Feature?
Shutters Santa Monica features more than just comfortable and well-appointed guest rooms. The hotel also features an on-site restaurant with highly-reviewed meals, a full service spa, fitness center, swimming pool and even an art collection featuring some of today’s hottest names in art. If you find yourself wanting to spend a day at the hotel there is more than enough to do.

It’s Not For Everyone
Now, while it’s true that Shutters Santa Monica offers many things the other area hotels do not, you do have to pay for it. The rates at this establishment are anything but cheap and don’t expect freebies. There is no free breakfast here. There’s not even free Internet. They charge you for that. If you want to park your car you’ll have to pay the valet too.

That being said, if you have deep pockets and you don’t mind paying for a stay at the hotel that offers the best Santa Monica views, Shutters may definitely be worth the price. You can not beat the location and the staff knows how to cater to their guests.

Some things in life are worth the price. If you are one of the people who feels that only the best lodging accommodations are acceptable then you may find that Shutters Santa Monica is indeed worth the price.

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