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Denver Colorado Homes For Sale - Sorting Through the Denver, Colorado Homes for Sale

Finding a Home in Denver, Colorado and the Surrounding Area

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Denver is a great place to live. Located between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains, Denver offers breathtaking views, over 200 parks and the best skiing in the US. When looking for homes for sale in Denver, Colorado you need to decide the best location. There are unlimited choices in Denver to settle down. Finding the best location takes time and patience.

The median home price in Denver is nearly $250,000. While most areas of the country are losing steam in home pricing, Denver’s home pricing is on the rise. In fact, in the last year the price for Denver, Colorado homes for sale has increased by over 2.2 percent. Because of the nature of the housing market in Denver, you may find that you have to spend more for the home you want or even look in the surrounding areas.

Homes in Denver will give you the urban oasis you are looking for. Denver has great school districts and activities for the entire family. People who live in Denver never run out of things to do because of the abundance of outdoor activities in the area. It is also home to top ranked restaurants, museums and shopping centers. In the winter, Denver will give you many opportunities to ski and play in the snow. Summer brings nature hikes and biking through the woods.

Searching for a home in Denver does not mean that you will actually live in Denver. Most residents live in the suburbs of Denver. Parker, Colorado is minutes from Denver and home prices in the area are more affordable. Parker offers a quaint neighborhood perfect for families. Homes prices in Parker begin at $250,000 with larger homes going for as much as $600,000. This area also has some of the best school districts in the area.

Another location to look for homes in the Denver area is Aurora. This area offers sweeping mountain views. Aurora has numerous townhouses and single-family homes nestled in the mountain. This small community will give you great access to all Denver has to offer with a smaller price tag.

You may also find that your dream home is in Thornton, Colorado. Thornton is the place to go for starter homes and town houses. Much like Aurora, Thornton is a smaller suburb of Denver and home prices in the area are lower. This area also has great school districts. You will also have easy access to hundreds of outdoor activities.

Making Denver the location of your dream is possible. Denver is filled with restaurants, nature and adventure. Take your time when looking for a dream home in Denver. Look in the surrounding areas and you will find a house with everything you are looking for.

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