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St George Utah Hotels - St George Utah Hotels: Finding the Best-Kept Secrets For Maximum Relaxation - The Inn at Entrada, Seven Wives Inn, Red Mountain Resort and Spa

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So you’re planning a trip out to St. George, are you? This city holds some of the most amazing scenery for outdoor adventures. But did you know that it conceals some amazing scenery indoors as well? This guide will give you a taste of three amazing places to spend your nights in St. George. They’re guaranteed to take your breath away… before you even hit the trails!

The Inn at Entrada

Located about five miles from the center of St. George, the Inn at Entrada offers a special chance to escape into the amazing nature of the area. Your Deluxe Casita or Suite is surrounded by beautiful red vermilion cliffs, and the building itself looks like it was etched from the same stone.

The Casitas may look rugged on the outside, but on the inside they hold every amenity that your heart could wish for, including a kitchenette, private garage, private patio, jetted tubs, fireplace, and high speed internet. The landscaping is breathtakingly beautiful, and the interior decor is is pleasantly reflective of the surrounding country, with plenty of warm tones and stone together with colorful contemporary artwork.

Once you get to the Inn at Entrada, you may very well end up canceling the rest of your plans in St. George – because you’ll never want to leave!

Seven Wives Inn

Tucked away near the very center of St. George, the Seven Wives Inn has stood since the late 1800’s and is steeped to the hilt in local history. As people familiar with Utah history may have guessed, the “Seven Wives” in the Seven Wives Inn refers to an actual polygamist family that had seven wives; an ancestor of the original innkeepers.

Today, the Seven Wives Inn still retains all of its historical charm, while its amenities have stepped boldly into the 21st century. Guests can expect all of the standard modern accouterments such as WiFi access, movies, and television. For some bonus relaxation, hit the guest pool or schedule a soothing massage. Of course all guests can expect a delicious gourmet meal for breakfast, and the staff can even prepare boxed lunches for you to take out on the town.

The Seven Wives Inn has thirteen different rooms, each with its own distinct advantages and personality. The “Mary Ann” has a beautiful wrap-around balcony where you can soak up the sun or enjoy a light lunch. The “Melissa” has a claw-footed tub and woodburning fireplace. The “Jane” even has a jetted tub fitted inside an old fashioned car!

The Seven Wives Inn can offer you a new experience every time you go there, and each one is sure to be satisfying. Come enjoy a piece of St. George History!

Red Mountain Resort and Spa

Located a few minutes from St. George’s airport, Red Mountain Resort and Spa provides both amazing fitness excursions and unsurpassed pampering opportunities.

For fitness enthusiasts, Red Mountain Resort has options in all the colors of the rainbow. They offer plenty of group fitness events like fitness boot camp and detoxification courses, and you can also take classes like Yoga and Pilates. You can even get your own personal trainer to help you define your workout goals and motivate you to complete them. St. George’s rugged countryside offers no shortage of fitness-building opportunities, and Red Mountain takes full advantage of this. You can find plenty of places to hike, bike, jog, swim, or climb on Red Mountain’s spacious land. And as icing on the cake, the fitness package is made complete by the award-winning restaurants at Red Mountain, which specialize in healthy (yet delicious) gourmet eating. Being good has never been so easy!

No good spa resort would be complete without pampering. And what better way to unwind after a full day of rock climbing than a trip to Sagestone Spa? Here you can indulge in massages, pedicures, aromatherapy, body wraps, and just about every relaxing thing you can imagine. Too tired to hit the spa? Just get an in-room massage instead! They also offer in-room foot reflexology with a herbal foot bath.

Because of its unsurpassed outdoor opportunities and relaxing spa treatments, Red Mountain Resort and Spa should be at the top of any fitness-enthusiast’s list when visiting St. George.

Whatever you decide, this guide can help make your next trip to St. George be a great one!

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