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Dickies Messenger Bag - Style and Uses for a Dickies Messenger Bag - Features of a Dickies messenger bag, Uses of the Dickies messenger bag

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A Dickies messenger bag is much more than just a great way to carry around all of your stuff. It is also a fashion statement. For those who do not know what a Dickies messenger bag is, it is basically a satchel that is worn over the shoulder and across the chest and back. The bag actually sits on the lower back instead of in the front, and usually the bag has zippered flaps so that nothing flies out the back of it. A Dickies messenger bag is very commonly used by bike couriers in very large cities. The name brand that the term actually comes from is Williamson-Dickie, the Texas company that created the style.

Features of a Dickies messenger bag

A Dickies messenger bag is typically very well constructed. The fabric is usually water resistant, and it can take quite a bit of abuse. The bag usually has a flap over the top, and there can be just one compartment under the flap, or there can be more than one. As mentioned earlier, the compartments can have zippers also. Some of the very modern Dickies messenger bags even have a special compartment for a cell phone. Dickies messenger bags come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so there is never an issue trying to find one that fits your personality.

The most common fabric that is used for the Dickies messenger bag is canvas, although it does not matter what kind of fabric the bag is made of because a true Dickies messenger bag is extremely durable.

Uses of the Dickies messenger bag

Although the Dickies messenger bag first was used as a bag for bike couriers because the bag is slung over the back, although today it is very much a fashion statement. Many school children use it to carry their school books because it is so durable. Also some styles are perfect for carrying laptop computers, while others are larger and meant to be used as a piece of carry-on luggage for travel. This bag truly is one of the most versatile bags on the market these days, and the manufacturers have really worked to create different styles of the bag so that there really is a bag for every situation.

Prices of Dickies messenger bags

Another wonderful thing about the Dickies messenger bag is the price. Many of these bags can be found for just $15 to $20 when you are looking for the plain canvas bags. Of course the fancier the bag gets, the more expensive it is, and upper end bags can cost $100 or more.

Over the years, many other companies have tried to copy the Dickies messenger bag, which has truly made it a fashion statement that just won’t quit. However, there is just no substitute for a real Dickies messenger bag. The durability is something that cannot be guaranteed in other versions of this bag, even though it is so often imitated.

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