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Tampa Airport Car Rental - Tampa Airport Car Rental Guide - Booking a Car Rental

Considering the Convertible

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Visitors en route to the entertainment smorgasboard of Tampa Bay have many car rental companies at their disposal. With numerous attractions within driving distance of Tampa airport, car rental is an option worth considering to get the most out of a Florida vacation.

Beach tourism cities like Tampa Bay are unique among car rental providers in that they provide a greater option of vehicles. In addition to the usual collection of compact, intermediate, and full-size cars, Tampa airport car rental also offers hummers, sports cars, and convertibles.

That’s right. Convertibles. For $70-$80 dollars a day, Florida visitors can drive out of Tampa airport in a Chrysler Sebring from Ace or U-Save car rentals. Granted, this is twice as much as an economy car, but in deciding where to splurge and where to trim costs, having a convertible instead of a Chevy Aveo is a tempting option for many Florida visitors.

The Chrysler Sebring, however, is second-class compared to the Tampa convertible of choice—the Ford Mustang GT/CS. The Ford Mustang is beyond most people’s price range, but at $120-$130 a day, a rental Mustang is available to tourists interested in a long, windswept ride along Florida’s beaches.

Those interested in renting a convertible from Tampa airport car rentals can use the following table to guide their search. At the end of the article is a list of these Tampa airport car rental services along with their addresses and phone numbers.

Company Ford Mustang Chrysler Sebring Customer Satisfaction*
Ace Unavailable $80.00 2/5
Avis $123.81 Unavailable 3/5
Budget* $123.48 Unavailable 2/5
Dollar* $129.99 Unavailable 2/5
EZ $126.40 Unavailable 3/5
Thrifty* $129.99 Unavailable 2/5
USave Unavailable $70.00 2/5

Booking a Car Rental

Unless receiving a discount elsewhere, travelers will save the most money by renting directly from the company involved. Aggregate sites like rentalcars.com should also be avoided, as they charge a few dollars for connecting consumers to rental sites.

Ace Rent-a-Car
5002 West Cypress Street, Tampa, FL‎ – (813) 287-1872‎
5503 West Spruce Street, Tampa, FL‎ – (813) 396-3500‎
4030 George J. Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL‎ -(813) 396-3500‎
Budget Rent-a-Car
4030 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL‎ – (813) 396-4000‎
Dollar Rent-a-Car
5503 West Spruce Street, Tampa, FL‎ – (813) 463-8715
EZ Rent-a-Car
5124 West Cypress Street, Tampa, FL‎ -(813) 287-9787‎
Thrifty Rent-a-Car
5503 West Spruce Street, Tampa, FL‎ – (813) 289-9425‎
U Save Rent-a-Car
5002 West Cypress Street, Tampa, FL‎ -(813) 287-1782‎

* Consumer reviews cited from www.epinions.com.

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