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Melbourne Discount Hotel - The Best Discount Hotels in Melbourne, Australia

dolma sleep vic city

Visitors to Melbourne, Australia, have a habit of not spending much time in their hotels because as a year-round hub of revelry as well as Australia’s cultural capital, there is plenty to keep a person occupied. Add that to the fact that visiting Melbourne isn’t exactly cheap, especially when factoring in the unavoidably lengthy international flight and the massive shopping options available, and many people find that booking a Melbourne discount hotel is the best way to keep the vacation within budget. With more than 150 to choose from, a few hospitality providers offer rooms clean enough to hang your hat in without charging extra for unneeded frills.

A step above usual hostel fare, the Hotel Dolma is an accessible, three-star property which caters to backpackers as well as discount hotel seekers. Its friendly, helpful staff try their best to keep guests happy, and the only consistent complaint is that some of the rooms smell like cigarette smoke. Even so, with a single room costing only $60 (69 AUD), it is one of the most value-efficient options in the Melbourne area.

Almost identical in price to the Dolma is the Melbourne Sleep and Go. Floor-to-ceiling windows afford a sweeping view of the lovely Preston suburb, while well-furnished rooms provide DVD players, wide-screen TVs, and microwaves for travelers who decide to spend a night in. It might be best to avoid the Sleep and Go in the winter months, however—those tall windows are rather drafty, and the staff has decided it’s more important to keep rates low than to waste money on inefficient utilities.

A fault of both the Hotel Dolma and the Sleep and Go is that they are a fair distance from the city proper. Though Melbourne public transit is efficient and accessible from either place, some travelers might prefer the Pensione Boutique Hotel for its proximity to the city. With prices starting at $83 (95 AUD), this hotel costs a little more but makes up for it with comfortable beds and a constant air of cleanliness. Being closer to the city raises the noise level significantly, and the basic rooms are notoriously tiny, both of which might be deal-breakers for some potential clients.

Hotel Dolma
188 Moreland Rd
Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia
(03) 9383 4002

Sleep and Go
215 Bell St
Preston VIC 3072, Australia
(03) 9485 0100

Pensione Boutique Hotel
16 Spencer Street
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
(03) 9621 3333

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