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Fort Myers Vacations - The Best Fort Myers Vacations - Fort Myers vacations for the explorer

activities travelers sailing plenty

Fort Myers, Florida is one of the vacation hot spots in the sunshine state, and there are plenty of Fort Myers vacations that are geared toward any traveler. Of course many people go to Fort Myers for the beautiful, sandy beaches, but there are also plenty of other things to do there besides just relaxing in the sun.

Fort Myers vacations for the explorer

Fort Myers vacations are about so much more than just relaxing. They can also be about exploration, from the bottom of the sea, to nearby wildlife preserves. The parks in Fort Myers boast everything from live manatees to a mini-railroad. Many of the nature preserves in Fort Myers are kid-friendly, and they provide plenty of opportunities for children to explore. For example, the Lakes Regional Park offers a mini-railroad ride and an interactive fountain. Adults who are more into hiking and biking will want to check out Lovers Key State Park, which also offers boat tours. One of the most-loved exploring activities is the Everglades Day Safari, which is offered by many different companies around the Fort Myers area.

Travelers who are more into deep sea exploring should check out any of the many water activities that are available in Fort Myers. Fishing, sailing, canoeing, and snorkeling are all wonderful activities to explore the deep blue sea. Sailing is one of the top-rated water activities, and many travelers recommend Magic Wind Adventure Sailing for their expertise and all the animals travelers will have a chance to see. Also there are many sightseeing cruises and dolphin cruises for those who like to take a more laid-back role in exploration.

Arts and cultural activities in Fort Myers vacations

Fort Myers vacations can also be very enriching in a cultural way. The River District is full of art galleries, restaurants, and shops that are sure to interest anyone. Travelers can even take a cruise down the Caloosahatchee River when it is time for a break.

Fort Myers vacations for the beach-goer

Of course no Fort Myers vacations are complete without spending at least some time on the beach. Travelers will enjoy just lounging in the sun or going shelling on the sandy beaches. Shelling is a very popular tourist activity, with numerous tours and cruises aimed specifically at shelling.

There are also plenty of recreational activities available on the beach. Windsurfing and kiteboarding are two sports that any athletic person will enjoy. And for the sailing enthusiast, there are three-day sailing courses available to teach the finer points of advanced racing, coastal navigation, and passage making. There are also chances to become certified for scuba diving. Travelers can learn to dive in six four-hour classes.

Kayaking is one of the most popular recreational activities available for Fort Myers vacations, and most people recommend Kayak Excursions, which offers guided tours, rentals, and kayak fishing excursions. The company says no experience is necessary for these kayaking expeditions, which are fun for the whole family.

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