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Clicker Garage Door Opener - The Clicker Garage Door Opener - Benefits of the Clicker garage door opener, Clicker garage door opener reviews

remote button program system

The Clicker garage door opener is a universal opener that is compatible with door openers made by many different manufacturers. The product is meant to be a solution for anyone who needs a new remote or an extra remote for their garage door opener.

Benefits of the Clicker garage door opener

Because the Clicker is universal, there are plenty of benefits to choosing it. The remote not only works with a wide variety of manufacturers, but it also works with many different frequencies. The Clicker is manufactured by Chamberlain, and the company website states that the buttons on the remote control are independent, which means it is like having two garage door opener remotes in one. Just program one button to open your garage at home, and program the other to open the garage at your vacation home or other property.

The Clicker system also offers a wireless keyless entry system, which is a keypad that is installed on the outside of the garage. The keyless entry system is also compatible with many different manufacturers and frequencies. All you need to do is choose the manufacturer and frequency of the garage door opener you already have, and the system will work with it.

Clicker garage door opener reviews

Of course the manufacturer’s website only goes so far in telling the story about the product, so it is important to check reviews on third party websites for more details. The Clicker gets an average of four or five stars on many of these third party websites. Consumers say the Clicker is inexpensive, reliable, and easy to program.

Important reminders about the Clicker garage door opener

There are a few things that should be kept in mind for those setting up a Clicker system with their current garage door opener. For one thing, do not forget to clear out the old code from your old garage door opener. People who are replacing a lost or broken remote will need to do this. With most garage door openers, clearing the old code is as simple as pressing down on the “Learn” button until the code is gone.

Another thing to remember when setting up a Clicker system is that you will have to program the remote to work with the garage door opener. The remote will not just open the garage the moment it is out of its box. The Clicker should work with both newer and older openers, so you may need to read the instructions that came with your original opener. Newer openers are the easiest to program. Just press the “Learn” button on your opener and then figure out which of the Clicker buttons you want to program. Indicate which button it is on the remote, and then press the “Learn” button on the remote. The number of times the “Learn” button on the remote will need to be pressed depends on the type of opener it is being programmed with. The instructions have a full listing of manufacturers. You should see the lights on the Clicker remote and the opener begin to flash as the two units connect.

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