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Steamboat Springs Vacations - Vacations in Steamboat Springs - Steamboat Springs Vacations in the Winter, Steamboat Springs Vacations in the Summer

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Though perhaps not as famous as other Colorado skiing destinations such as Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a prime destination for all levels of skiers. With a number of water sports available at the nearby Yampa River, the city also has activities for tourists year-round, making Steamboat Spring vacations an attractive option in both the summer and winter. The town is near the Continental Divide and can be reached by road off of U.S. Highway 40. Those who are flying into the city usually arrive at Yampa Valley Airport. Steamboat Springs, sometimes called “Ski Town USA,” has a permanent population of about 10,000, though more than ten times as many tourists visit the city every year.

Steamboat Springs Vacations in the Winter

The primary attraction in Steamboat Springs during the winter is the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. Located on Mount Werner in the Rockies, the resort has 165 ski trails on its 3000 acres. The base elevation of the resort is 6900 feet above sea level, and at its highest summits, it is 10,500 feet above sea level. There are 23 chair lifts of various sizes scattered throughout the resort. For novice skiers, there are many green trails, including the 3 mile long Why Not trail. Intermediate skiers will find plenty of blue trails, and advanced skiers looking for blue black and black trails will also find enough to keep them busy. The resort is usually open from late November to early April, though exact dates can vary depending on weather conditions. The resort offers a number of vacation packages and lodging options. Prices can vary depending on when you are coming, what type of room you want, and whether you get a vacation package. You could find a small hotel room in early December for as cheap as $120. On the other hand, a five bedroom penthouse will cost over $1000 per night. During peak seasons, these figures are closer to $200 per night for the smallest rooms and $2000 for the penthouse. If you are looking for packages and discounts, the best time to look is early in the season in late November or near the end of the season in early April. Also, for those who do not want to stay at the resort, there are several other area hotel options that offer lift tickets for the nearby resort.

Steamboat Springs Vacations in the Summer

Steamboat Springs also has plenty to offer summer time visitors. On the banks of the Yampa River, there are several scenic trails for bike riding and hikes. In the river itself, kayaking, tubing, and other activities are available, depending on how adventurous you are. You could also enjoy fishing, horseback riding, and even gondola rides on or near the river. In addition to the activities near the Yampa, nearby Old Town Hot Springs has plenty to keep the whole family busy. With seven pools, several water slides, and a fitness center, everyone should find something they enjoy. With a year round ice skating facility, several golf courses, and even a bowling alley, Steamboat Springs could be a great spot for your next summer vacation. As might be expected, prices in the summer are typically cheaper, with many rooms available for under $100.

With so many vacation options available in both winter and summer, a trip to Steamboat Springs is worthy considering, no matter your vacation budget or interests.

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