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Platform Storage Beds - Buying Platform Storage Beds

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When going out to buy a new bed, it can be surprising at how many styles there are to choose from. Once, a bed was just a bed, but in the modern world where efficiency and space have become important concerns, added functionality is a prime selling point of beds. It is no longer enough that a bed looks good and is comfortable. Many people have come to the realization that most bed styles waste prime space that can be used for storage.

Once the idea of using under-bed space for storage caught on, the popularity of platform storage beds grew significantly. Such a bed can solve storage problems that would otherwise require adding closets, renting a storage space, or buying a new home altogether. Even if your home has extra storage space in the basement or attic, these spaces are not very convenient when you need to retrieve something quickly.

Although people have used the tiny area under traditional headboard and rail beds for storage, these beds cannot compare to the storage space provided by platform storage beds. While these beds are only now becoming popular, they are far from new. They were originally designed for sailors and ship captains. On a ship, space plays a large role in just about every situation. This practical space-saving solution was used for centuries before it moved into the home.

The first platform storage beds were known as captain’s beds, paying homage to their origin. Later, they came to be known as either cabin beds or chest beds. These beds sat a little higher off the floor than standard beds, and drawers or cabinets were built into the space between the mattress or box spring and the floor. Modern platform storage beds directly evolved from these captain’s beds.

Platform storage beds come in several different styles. The one characteristic they all have in common is that they sit high off the floor. The simplest forms of these beds just give the owner some extra space underneath the platform that holds the mattress. Some of them are not even true platform beds. Instead of a platform, many use a series of slats held by rails. More complex styles of platform storage beds house either cabinets or a chest of drawers in that space under the platform.

The popularity of the modern platform storage bed owes much to the Japanese. Space has always been a problem in Japan. The Japanese popularization of this type of bed came from necessity. Because of space limitations, many different pieces of furniture have traditionally served dual functions.

Modern platform storage beds are both inexpensive and easy to assemble. Older models were often too high or required special assembly for the purposes of support. Raising the mattress higher off the floor poses some structural and use problems, as some of these beds were once made so high that a step box was required to get in or out of the bed.

Today’s platform storage beds have eliminated many of the problems of older beds by eliminating the box spring. The platform foundation is built with enough sturdiness to support the mattress without a box spring. This means the bed can be made to support less weight, and the top height of the mattress can be lowered by 9 to 12 inches. In addition, many types of mattresses are made especially for use without a box spring by having a built-in foundation.

If you are looking for a little extra storage space that is convenient to access, a platform storage bed may be the perfect solution.

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