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Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans - Buying Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

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No woman’s wardrobe is complete without at least a few pairs of designer jeans. One of the classic brands of designer jeans to start the trend in the popularity of designer jeans has reached new levels of popularity and success – Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were once the best-selling jeans in the world. In the 1980s, you would be hard-pressed to find a young woman who did not own a pair.

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans became known for the way that they accented a woman’s curves and brought out the best features of women of any shape. Women who otherwise felt they were too out-of-shape to pull off wearing a pair of designer jeans were surprised at the results that Gloria Vanderbilt jeans could produce.

Gloria Vanderbilt was born in 1924 to an aristocratic “old money” family established long ago by railroad shipping magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt. Her mother’s family, the Morgans, was not without their own resources. Gloria’s father died when she was 15 months of age, leaving her a generous trust fund of $2.5 million. Not having to work for a living, instead living on her endowment and the fortunes of a string of several husbands, she devoted her time to the arts. In the 1970s she entered the fashion design industry with a series of scarves. Six years later, she licensed her name to designer Mohan Murjani who quickly used it for a line of jeans. By 1979, they were a smash success. In that early year alone, that line of jeans brought in revenue of $120 million. The rest was history.

Technology was the factor that made Gloria Vanderbilt jeans able to pull off what has been called personal miracles by thousands of women. Today, that technology trend has continued with new lines of jeans that feature stretch denim panels woven into the fabric in key locations that make new miracles possible. The hips, waist, and butt are accentuated by these panels so only the desirable womanly curves remain. Some of these styles have yet to be released outside of Europe, but Americans still have plenty of styles of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans from which to choose.

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are available today in several styles. The more popular of these styles include the following:

Amanda – This is the best-selling style of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. They are known for having a smooth and comfortable fit with back design details that enhance the shape and curves of the butt.

Amanda Corduroy – These are definitely not the most popular of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, but they do have their supporters, especially those who are into the retro look.

Giselle Gloria – This style has a strong and loyal following. They are fitted from the waist to the thigh and end in a boot-cut. They are a sleek and classic style that comes complete with the famous Gloria Vanderbilt logo featuring the swan on the coin pocket.

Sydney Skinny Jeans – This new style is washed dark and designed to make a woman’s legs appear long and attractive. Many consider this style to be the best of and designer “skinny jeans.”

Victoria Jeans – This is a new boot-cut jean that features rear flap pockets and a straight leg that ends in just a slight boot-cut flare. It is made of stretch denim combined with mid-weight standard denim. They wear just as well at home as out on the town.

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans can be purchased from several online stores or through the following traditional retail outlets:

• Alco
• Bealls
• Blaines
• Bon-Ton
• Carson’s
• Fred Meyer
• JCPenney
• Kohl’s
• Meijers
• Pamida
• Peebles
• Sears
• Shopko

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over 3 years ago

where can I get the Gloria Vanderbilt jean Missy/senora/courant

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almost 4 years ago

I have a pair of Amanda jeans, Style No. B21000R-RNS. The fabric is 75 percent cotton, 23 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex. I have shopped at several stores the carry your jeans but I have not found these jeans. Could you please provide information as to where I can located these jeans air perhaps a the ability to order online?

Thank you!

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almost 3 years ago

looking for missy/senora/courant jeans and pants seattle area

Vote down Vote up

over 5 years ago


I have been looking for Amanda Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in the color Midnight Affair in the size 14 short and cannot find them. How can I order a pair?

Vote down Vote up

over 2 years ago

where can I find Giselle jeans

Vote down Vote up

almost 6 years ago

I have looked everywhere for the royal blue jeans in a size 4 average. You have them no where, other sizes, yes. Can you tell me where I can go and get a pair?

Thank You

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about 3 years ago

I'm looking for Gloria Vanderbilt jean missy/seƱora/courant in a size 14 short

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over 7 years ago


I would like to make a suggestion.

First I would like to say that I love your Giselle Gloria Swan jeans. The one with the full waste and booth cut.

For the gals that live in colder regions of the USA, and additional warmth with be a plus.....fannel lined Gloria's would add comfort durning the cold weather.

LL Bean carries such jeans, but far from designer.

Just a suggestion.....I would be one of your first consumers.