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Las Vegas Movie Theaters - Going to Las Vegas Movie Theaters

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Las Vegas has it all. You can gamble, party 24 hours, see exciting performances, and engage in just about any other activity known to humankind. Even with all of these choices, sometimes people just want something a little more familiar. In order to appease these tastes of the full-time residents and tourists alike, there are several Las Vegas movie theaters playing all of the new releases.

Here are the top 5 movie theaters in Las Vegas:

1. Brendan Las Vegas 14
4321 West Flamingo Road
Phone: 702-507-1525

This movie theater located at The Palms is part of a small California chain that includes only six other locations in the west coast area. When celebrities go to catch a movie in Las Vegas, chances are that it will be at the Brendan Las Vegas movie theater. Once the movie is finished, you can move right on to other activities, since The Palm Casino is right outside the door. While you can see all of the latest movies here, it is also the location of many U.S. movie premieres for which you will need special tickets. Vegas is all about glamour and this theater is loved because you do not know you are a part of the glamour until after you are already inside.

2. Rave Town Square
6587 Las Vegas Boulevard
Phone: 702-362-7283

Strangely enough, the opposite of what makes the Brendan theater so popular, is exactly what make the Rave Town Square popular as well. This theater is not located anywhere near the hubbub of the casinos and throngs of drunken or chain-smoking gamblers. This is a great place to take the kids. Each of the 18 screen rooms are clean, plush, and comfortable. The seats are slightly larger than average, which only adds to the comfort. The Town Square neighborhood is also great for dining and shopping.

3. Regal Red Rock 16
11011 West Charleston Boulevard
Phone: 702-233-6948

This theater is located in the extremely large Red Rock Resort compound. It has some of the most comfortable seating of any of the Las Vegas movie theaters, and it uses all of the latest technology in digital projection including 3D and IMAX. Features include stadium seating, digital surround sound, a party room for birthdays, and a movie rewards card program for frequent visitors. Besides being one of the most comfortable and technologically advanced theaters in Vegas, it is also one of the newest and cleanest.

4. Galaxy Cannery Theatre
2121 E Craig Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: 702-639-9779

Technically, this theater is not in Las Vegas proper, but it is impossible to leave it out of any list of the best theaters in Vegas, even if it is North Las Vegas. It has 14 screens that are so large it feels like you are a part of the movie. This is the only all-digital theater in North Las Vegas so you are ensured that every showing of every movie is the best quality it can possibly be.

5. AMC Rainbow Promenade 10
2321 North Rainbow Boulevard
Phone: 702-636-2869

The AMC chain of movie theaters rarely fails to deliver, and this is the best the company has to offer in Las Vegas. It is neither the biggest movie theater in Las Vegas nor the busiest, and this is exactly why it is the theater of choice for many locals and savvy tourists looking to escape from the throngs. They always have prompt service and clean theaters.

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