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Ny Giants Schedule - Finding the NY Giants Schedule

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It is always big news when the NFL releases the NY Giants schedule along with the schedules for the other 31 teams in early spring. The exact dates always vary (in 2010 it was April 20), but the excitement remains the same. For many teams, it is the luck of the scheduling determination that can make or break a regular season, even affecting the outcomes of the post-season. While the NY Giants and their fans find the schedule release date just as exciting as everyone else, they are not one of the teams that feel they can fall victim to a bad schedule.

There is a little bit of good in every NY Giants Schedule. For instance, in 2010, they had what is considered one of the toughest schedules in the NFL, but sometimes a tough schedule lays out well. Even though the Giants finished third, they have an advantage in having four prime-time games, and they do not have to play anyone in their own division until the seventh week. There are so many facets to the schedule that it is rare for it to be bad on every level.

One reason why the NY Giants Schedule in 2010 had even less of an impact than in previous years is that this was the season when they move into the New Meadowlands Stadium. The previous year, the team made a big step by moving its offices from the old Meadowlands to the Timex Performance Center, the new training facility sponsored by a partnership with the famous watch-making company, which has expanded to produce sports equipment.

The New Meadowlands Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility built just next door to the old Meadowlands, where the Giants made their home for over 30 years. The new stadium has 82,500 seats and cost $1.6 billion. It is said to be the most technologically advanced stadium in the NFL. It is also said to have some of the best views of any stadium. It has already been scheduled for the NY Giants stadium to host Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

The NY Giants schedule in 2010 had them hosting their first game on September 12, The NFL’s opening Sunday that year. Among the other features of the stadium are 130,000 square feet of club lounges and 2.1 million total square feet, more than twice that of the old stadium. It has four HD video screens 30 feet high by 118 feet wide. For tailgaters, a 350,000 square foot plaza features open space and game-related activities.

Finding the current NY Giants schedule for games to be played on the road or at the New Meadowlands Stadium is not much more difficult than turning on your computer. The official New York Giants schedule is announced with the rest in early spring. In years past, this was done at the NFL Annual Meeting, but beginning in 2010 the NFL made no announcement to the press at the meeting, instead waiting for a broadcast announcement made exclusively for the NFL Network.

If you do not have the NFL Network to hear the NY Giants schedule announced live, it will soon be available on every NFL or sports website on the internet, in the New York Post, Times, and Daily News, and on any of the sports networks. Soon after the announcement, a full analysis of the NY Giants schedule will come from several sources.

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