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White Knight Tumble Dryers - Buying White Knight Tumble Dryers - Models of White Knight Tumble Dryers, Inverted Dryers, Compact Dryers, Air Vented

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Although White Knight tumble dryers are unknown in some parts of the world, such as the United States, they are the most widely distributed tumble dryer to be manufactured in Europe. Sales of White Knight tumble dryers have reached over 600,000 units per year in over 75 countries worldwide.

White Knight tumble dryers are made to exacting specifications to be economical and eco-friendly. They are made in both electric models and the only gas-heated models manufactured in Europe. White Knight tumble dryers are a brand manufactured by Crosslee plc.

Crosslee plc is a U.K. company that was founded in 1986 and has increased in popularity each year since. Crosslee now has the technology and resources to build White Knight tumble dryers and accessories to any specification, and their transportation network is strong enough to have them delivered to any country in the world. Their efficient factory uses specialized machinery created by in-house engineers can produce more than 350 dryers in a single hour. However, Crosslee is not all about speed. They also have a high standard of quality control that inspects each unit before it is shipped out for sale.

Models of White Knight Tumble Dryers

Crosslee currently has thirteen models of White Knight tumble dryers in production. These models are divided into six categories:

Inverted Dryers

Inverted dryers are the newest category of White Knight tumble dryers. They are upside-down in construction and are made to be wall-mounted. Hanging brackets are included.

36AW – This model has a capacity of 3 kg and tumbles in a single direction. It has a “D” energy rating, 2 heat levels, and a 140-minute timer. It is constructed with rear venting.

35AW – This model also has a 3 kg capacity, rear venting, and 2 heat levels with a 140-minute timer. The major difference is the 35AW has reverse-action tumbling.

Compact Dryers

The two compact models are small and lightweight, making them perfect for smaller flats.

37AW – This electric model has a rear vent outlet, 2 heat levels, a 120-minute timer. Capacity is 3 kg. It is wheeled for easy mobility.

38AW – The only difference between this model and the 37AW is the reverse tumbling action, designed to reduce tangled clothes.

Air Vented

The three air-vented models are full-size units that use a more energy than the compact models. These are made for families in larger homes.

44AW – This is a C-class energy machine with a 6 kg capacity. It has wheels for mobility, low noise output, and 2 heat levels with a 140-minute timer.

83AW – This modern unit has a microprocessor for perfect operation and control. It senses when clothes are dry to save money on wasted operating time. It has a 6 kg capacity, 6 levels of drying sensitivity, and a no-crease feature.

85AW – This model is only rated at a “B” for energy efficiency. It has a 5 kg capacity and 6 levels of drying. The door can be hinged either left or right.


Integrated White Knight tumble dryers are made to be installed directly in kitchen cabinetry.

43AW – This model has a 6 kg capacity, 2 heat settings and adjustable legs to fit into any cabinet setting.

831WV – This unit uses microprocessor sensing and reverse tumbling for perfectly-dried clothes every time.


Condenser dryers are specially-designed in that they do not release moisture and so need no external venting. Moisture is collected in a container and manually emptied.

77AW – This 7 kg capacity model has reverse tumbling, top drain kit with a pump, 2 heat settings, and a 140-minute timer.

93AW – This is the premium condenser model that has all the features of the 77AW except with a microprocessor for heat sensing.

Gas Dryers

The Eco line is the only line of gas dryers made in Europe. They are designed to reduce electrical usage while efficiently drying clothes.

ECO43A – This model has a 7 kg capacity and reverse tumbling. It operates at 3kW/10,000 BTU. It has a gas-indicator light, 140-minute timer, and 2 heat settings.

ECO83A – This is the high-end Eco model that comes with the heat-sensing microprocessor, but otherwise is identical to the ECO43A.

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