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Area Rug Contemporary - How to Choose a Contemporary Area Rug - Contemporary Area Rug Fabrics, Contemporary Area Rug Prices

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One of the most popular home furnishings, especially for those with hard wood floors, are area rugs. With many sizes and styles available in a variety of price ranges, contemporary areas rugs can be just the right thing to complete any room’s decoration. For many people, choosing the right contemporary area rug can be overwhelming. However, by considering the fabric, color scheme, and price range in advance, you will not be overwhelmed with all of the choices online or at a flooring retail store.

Contemporary Area Rug Fabrics

When shopping for area rugs, you should first have a clear idea of what kind of rug you want to find. First, you need to consider the material. Natural fabrics like wool or jute, which is made from the fibers of plant stems, are among the most durable rug materials. Area rugs from these materials are ideal for high traffic areas like living rooms and dens. If you are looking for an area rug for a room that is not used as much, then a less durable fabric like cotton will suffice. In addition to the natural fabrics, area rugs are often made of synthetic fabrics or natural-synthetic blends. Typically, area rugs made with natural materials like wool, cotton, jute, and sisal are more expensive because they are of higher quality. A good compromise might be a natural-synthetic blend. This kind of area rug has the look of a natural fabric rug, but is typically less expensive.

Contemporary Area Rug Prices

Prices for contemporary area rugs can vary quite substantially. A wide variety of synthetic area rugs can be found for between $50 and $100. Hundreds of attractive (and not-so-attractive) 5 foot x 7 foot and 8 foot x ten foot area rug at a retailer like Target can be found in this price range. If you are looking for something of a little higher quality, then both department store retailers and online sellers have plenty of options. For example, at the online retailer PlushRugs.com, several dozen 100% cotton rugs are available in the $250 to $350 price range. If you are looking for a higher price area rug, contemporary rugs are available for as much as $20,000 or more. For example, a 12 foot x 18 foot hand knotted wool rug can be found at PlushRugs for over $15,000.

Contemporary Area Rug Colors and Placement

In addition to the material and price, you also have to consider where you are going to put your rug. This will affect your choice of materials and probably determine what colors you are looking for (unless you plan to decorate a room around the rug). In general, if you are putting a rug in a small room, a large pattern rug might make the room seem smaller. Also, if the room is somewhat dark, lighter colors like yellow or red might help brighten up the room. Although your rug does not have to be the same color as the rest of the furnishings in the room, be sure that it complements them. Look at the rug in the store, and, if possible, bring a color sample home or look at a picture online to be sure that it fits in the room.

Whether you are looking to spend less than $100 or over $10,000, with literally thousands of styles available for contemporary area rugs, you should be able to find a rug that fits your needs.

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