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Curran Theater San Francisco - Enjoying Broadway at the Curran Theater San Francisco - Buying Tickets for the Curran Theater San Francisco

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The world knows that all of the best plays are on Broadway in New York City, but you don’t always have to travel to Broadway to see a Broadway show. If you are on the central coast of California, one venue stands out as being the best theater in the area to see a Broadway play – the Curran Theater San Francisco.

The Curran Theater in San Francisco is currently operated by Shorenstein Hays Nederlander, a company that operates out of offices in New York to bring the most popular Broadway shows to its theaters in other cities. Besides best-selling Broadway plays, SHN also brings pre-Broadway and off-Broadway production to the Curran Theater. They have been operating theaters for over 30 years, and their other holdings include the Golden Gate Theater and the Orpheum Theater.

Long before SHN got into the Broadway theater business, the Curran Theater in San Francisco was built as the second endeavor of Homer Curran. He first opened the theater that bears his name in an existing location, and the current location was opened in 1922. It originally was thought of as a Shubert house, but soon thereafter, it began hosting presentations from the Theatre Guild and Civic Light Opera, based in Los Angeles.

Several notable features of San Francisco’s Curran Theater distinguish it from the crowd. The ceiling of the main lobby is known for being constructed of steel but hand-painted to resemble wood. The floor of the lobby is marble, but function demanded it be covered with carpeting. Up until the 1990s, the exterior was said to be one of the most illumined in the city and it boasts having the first neon sign in San Francisco.

The auditorium of the Curran Theater once also featured extra lighting for the two murals that adorn the walls. The murals have since been downplayed with the removal of their lights. The stage featured two curtains: the inner gold curtain and an outer green fire curtain. It is traditional for the green curtain to be raised five minutes before the show begins. The theater also holds the distinction for being used in the 1950s movie, All About Eve.

Buying Tickets for the Curran Theater San Francisco

The Curran Theater San Francisco is known for hosting some of the best shows that Broadway can provide. Past performances include Dreamgirls (2010), Rent (2009), A Chorus Line (2008), and Jersey Boys (2007).

Tickets can be purchased in several ways: online, mail, phone, and in-person. Phone purchases can be made directly from the theater by calling 888-SHN-1799 Monday through Sunday 10am to 6pm.

Tickets can be purchased by mail by sending a letter with your name, address, phone number, credit card number and expiration date, and show information to SHN, Name of Show, 1182 Market St. Ste 200, San Francisco, CA 94012.

Online tickets can be purchased through the theater or an online ticket broker. Online ticket brokers are usually preferable because it is easier to find your choice of seating, and tickets are almost always available from the broker even when they are sold out by the theater.

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