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Le Creuset Bakeware - Buying Le Creuset Bakeware - Le Creuset Bakeware Products

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Any chef or anyone experienced in cooking can tell you that Le Creuset is one of the most trusted names in cookware. Their products have been used throughout the world for decades, and many people who have tried them cannot use another brand afterward. Le Creuset is famous for their enamel-layered cast iron, but Le Creuset bakeware featuring enameled stainless steel has also recently begun to turn heads in the industry.

Le Creuset was formed in 1925 after a chance meeting by cast-ironworker Armand Desaegher and enameling expert Octave Aubecq the year before. Their original foundry was located in Fresnoy le Grand, France, just over 100 miles to the northeast of Paris. It took them 10 years to perfect their method and another 10 years to develop their range of products.

During WWII, the foundry was seized by the Germans to produce armaments, but after the war, the pair continued operations, now producing Le Creuset bakeware in a variety of colors. With their local success established, they began international sales in 1952, with half their inventory distributed to the U.S. and the other half throughout Europe. In 1974, because of such strong sales in the U.S., they established an American subsidiary headquartered in South Caronlina.

Le Creuset Bakeware Products

Le Creuset bakeware now comes in several varieties made to give cooks and chefs quality products in which to carry out the art of cooking. Their flagship enameled cast iron cookware is now joined by enameled steel and stoneware. Their cookware comes in their signature orange or a range of other colors that includes neutrals, pastels, and bright, vibrant colors that can match any kitchen or dining room décor.

Le Creuset Bakeware – Enameled Cast Iron
This is the company’s signature product, which began to be designed in 1925. Today, several categories of different cookware and bakeware have sprung from this design.
• French Ovens – These French versions of the famous Dutch oven distribute heat more evenly than any other comparable bakeware, and they look stylish too.
• Braisers – This type of cookware has a wider base and is shallower than the French ovens. It allows for more contact of the food from the source of heat. These are great for foods which require searing.
• Specialty Cookware – These items are for specific cuisines and include the wok, Moroccan tagine, doufeu, and fondue sets.
• Skillets & Grills – While not really bakeware, these are some of the most popular Le Creuset cookware products. They feature a nonstick surface and enameled exterior.
• Saucepans – Another category that is not the traditional bakeware, these saucepans add style and can complete a set.
• Roasters – Le Creuset roasters are perfect for anything that benefits from being cooked with a wide open top

Le Creuset Cookware – Enamel on Steel
The Le Creuset bakeware featuring enamel on steel are actually stovetop pieces that come in two categories: teakettles and stockpots.
• Teakettles – These teakettles combine the traditional with technology that is decidedly 21st century. Several designs are available.
• Stockpots – These pots use a heavy gauge of steel under the enamel for durability and function.

Le Creuset Bakeware – Stoneware
Le Creuset stoneware diverges from their traditional metal-core products, but they are perfect when using a microwave or combination of microwave and oven. These products are dishwasher-safe and can be served from directly.
• Cookware and Bakeware – These stoneware products can be covered or uncovered and come in a variety of colors.
• Accessories – These products include mixing bowls, ramekins, and mortar/pestles sets.
• Storage – Le Creuset stoneware storage solutions are both functional and fashionable.
• Party Trays – These products add a little color and spice to any party or special event.

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