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Bedding In A Bag - Bedding in a Bag is the Perfect Gift

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Many people have heard of something called bed in a bag, but often do not realize exactly what it is. At first thought, it seems that it would be some sort of portable bed, mattress, or something like a sleeping bag. However, most of the confusion ends by simply calling this concept bedding in a bag instead of bed in a bag. Bed in a bags are simply bedding sets that come conveniently packaged in an easy-to-carry plastic bag. Some of them have handles to make the carrying even easier, and some of them do not.

No one knows from when or where the term first originated, but it was thought to be short for bedding in a bag. Bed in a bag was just easier to say and so it caught on. Because of their relatively compact and boxy packaging, bed in a bags fast became popular gift items. Even if someone already has a nice bedding set, it has always been recommended to have a spare to wash and rotate them out from time-to-time.

Explaining the concept of bedding in a bag is much easier than explaining in detail what constitutes a bed in a bag. Every company that manufactures, markets, or distributes bed in a bags has a different idea of what they should contain. Bedding in a bag comes in different sizes for each mattress size: twin, full, queen, and king. They can also be available in other less-common sizes, such as tall and California king.

To know exactly what is contained in the bag of bedding, you must resort to reading the description or the packaging. Some of the combinations of items can be as small as four pieces or as large as 24 pieces. Here are some of the more popular combinations:

• Comforter, two shams, two pillowcases, top sheet, and fitted bottom sheet
• Duvet cover, top sheet, bottom sheet, and two pillowcases
• Duvet, duvet cover, sheet set, bed skirt, and two pillowcases
• Comforter, two pillowcases, two throw pillows, 4-piece sheet set, bed skirt

The combinations seem endless, and some don’t make much sense. They can come with only a single sheet, no sheets, a single pillowcase, six pillowcases, with or without a comforter, and much more. The larger sets that contain up to 24-pieces can include curtains/drape panels, valances, tie backs, and more.

Some people, while they have heard of bedding in a bag sets, have shied away from buying them in the belief that they are of inferior quality to pieces bought separately. In some cases, this is true. There are many different brands and types of bed in a bags made for those who are on a budget. The ones that have the lowest prices are usually of lesser quality, but even these can be comfortable and last for several years.

Many designer bedding styles are now available in the bed in a bag format. Big names such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors now have bed in a bag sets for sale. You can expect to pay from $200 to $500 for a good designer set. Bargain sets, however can be as low as $29.99, and quality mid-range bed in a bags are around $99.99.

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