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Small Ceiling Fan - Small Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

fans width air blades

Ceiling fans are one of the most useful fixtures to be installed in a room. In fact, their benefits are so great that they should be considered a necessity on par with electric lighting. Ceiling fans are mistakenly believed to be only useful in the summer months to help with cooling, but this is patently false. They are just as useful in the winter for circulating heat.

The cost-savings provided by ceiling fans is so great that they are one of those fixtures that pay for themselves within the first year after installation. Using ceiling fans in conjunction with an air conditioner or central air conditioning will provide several degrees of cooling so the thermostat doesn’t have to be set as low. Each degree that you are able to turn up the thermostat provides for a measurable savings. When it is not too humid or during the night it can be possible to turn off the air conditioning completely and still maintain a comfortable temperature. The cost of running ceiling fans is virtually negligible when compared to the cost of running the air conditioning.

In the winter, the direction of the blades is reversed via the switch on the fan so that instead of blowing air downward, air is blown upward. In the winter, the heat in your home naturally rises toward the ceiling. By using the ceiling fan in this manner, colder air is forced toward the ceiling pushing the warmer air down where it can be felt. To avoid drafts, always use the lowest setting in the winter. To conserve energy and maximize comfort, there should hardly be a time when the ceiling fan is off.

One of the most-used excuses for not installing ceiling fans is that the room is too small. This excuse does not hold up, though, because a small ceiling fan can be purchased to fit in any size room. In fact, many people install a small ceiling fan in their walk-in closet. Several companies specialize in the small ceiling fan, and several others have a small ceiling fan option in their regular product line.

The only problem with buying a small ceiling fan is that there is no strict definition for a small ceiling fan. For some, this mean the ceiling fan is flush-mounted to the ceiling. While these types of ceiling fans are useful for rooms with low ceilings, this standard alone cannot be used to determine a small ceiling fan. A small ceiling fan must meet a total width requirement. Some companies consider anything with a width of less than the standard 42 inches to be a small ceiling fan, but even units with a width of 36 inches to 40 inches can be considered large for some rooms.

This is only a recommended definition, but a small ceiling fan should be any fan with a width of 30 inches or less. These fans can be difficult to find as not all stores will carry a small ceiling fan, but many options exist for anyone who requires a size that meets this definition. Here are some of the top brands and models that can be considered a small ceiling fan:

Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo is the premier manufacturer of small ceiling fans. They have several separate lines with several color choices in each line. Prices range from $95 – $145.
• Colony II – This series has a 28” width and comes in a choice of five finishes so it can meet any décor or room styels. The fan has four blades at a 20-degree pitch.
• Micro 24– This series has a width of 24”. The fan has three blades at a 14-degree pitch. It is available in three finishes.
• Mini 20 – The mini 20 is 20” in width and has four blades. It is sturdy and well-built.

Quorum – This brand has a collection called the Estate 30. These fans are 30” in width and have 6 blades at a 25-degree pitch. It lists at $125.

Design House – The Design House Atrium series has width of 30”. It comes with a single-bulb lamp. List price is under $85.

Westinghouse – Westinghouse has a Turbo Swirl line featuring fans of 30”. They have 6 blades and include a single bulb lamp. List price is also under $85.

Emerson – The Emerson Northwind has a 29” small ceiling fan in a five-blade design. Blades have a 22-degree pitch and the motor has a 20-year warranty. It sells for $117.

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