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Dave Matthews Tour - Dave Mathews Tour Dates and Tickets

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The Dave Mathews band has one of the most loyal followings of any contemporary American band. They are considered a jam band for their proclivity for playing live and using a variety of improvisation techniques in their music. This makes the Dave Mathews tour extremely popular, and tickets can sometimes be hard to get. The only saving grace is that a new Dave Mathews tour is held in the U.S. or Europe every summer. It is the band’s love of music and playing live that drives them on. In fact, Dave Mathews tour albums outnumber their studio albums.

Dave Mathews was a bartender in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1990 when his lawyer friend convinced him to record a demo tape. With further encouragement from his friend, he began to meet with other (primarily jazz) musicians in order to help him play on the tracks and possibly make a full studio album. The band made a 3-track demo in 1991 but still did not have a name for themselves. It is said the name came about when band member LeRoi Moore told a venue they had booked to just list the name of Dave Mathews. The event booker added “band” to the name as an afterthought. Each member agrees that there was never a formal decision made to name the band.

In late 1993, the Dave Mathews Band released their first album, Remember Two Things. Because the band didn’t really care for studio recording, only two tracks out of ten were done in the studio. The rest were recorded at live performances.

The popularity of the band only grew during the next fifteen years. The Dave Mathews tour was seemingly nonstop, although Mathews did take a short break to do some solo work. Tragedy struck in 2008, however, when saxophonist Moore was died as a result of injuries from an ATV accident. Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones stepped up to fill the spot. Today, the official band lineup is as follows:

• Dave Mathews – guitar and lead vocals
• Stefan Lessard – bass guitar
• Boyd Tinsley – violin
• Carter Beauford – drums and backing vocals
• Jeff Coffin – saxophone

The Dave Mathews tour is stronger than ever today. In fact, the band has added fall tour dates in 2010. Tickets for the Dave Mathews Tour usually go on sale for the entire tour on the same date, a couple of months before the first show. Members of the Warehouse, the official Dave Mathews Band fan club, have the privilege of buying presale tickets up to two weeks before they are on sale to the general public.

Tickets for Dave Mathews tour dates are officially sold through Ticketmaster for most shows. However, it often more convenient to buy tickets from an online ticket broker. An online ticket broker generally has better seats than Ticketmaster, and they can even have tickets for Dave Mathews Band tour dates that have been long-ago sold out. There are numerous online ticket brokers with Dave Mathew tour tickets available. Since you are avoiding the outrageous “convenience” fees imposed by Ticketmaster, in many cases tickets are available at comparable or even cheaper prices.

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