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Bass Pro Fishing - Big Fish: The Bass Pro Fishing Franchise

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Merchant of the renowned Bass Tracker Boat and all-in-one outdoor retailer, Bass Pro fishing shops can be found in twenty-nine states across the US with a few stores in a few Canadian provinces. The store provides fishing, hunting, backpacking, and camping gear often are accompanied by the sizzling meats of Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill. The franchise has helped sponsor several NASCAR racers, and their side projects even include a few video games.

Bass Pro Fishing is an ambitious enterprise in outdoor retail. Every store features a freshwater aquarium stocked with local fish. These aquariums are used in fishing seminars, promotional demonstrations, and free summer camps for children. The franchise’s style has earned it awards from numerous organizations from Sporting Goods magazine to the General Contractors Association. In Springfield, Missouri, a massive 300,000 square foot structure stands as the flagship of the franchise, fitting a restaurant, taxidermist, and rod & reel repair service within its ample interior. Since 2001, a Bass Pro-sponsored sporting museum has even sat next door.

The franchise is the prodigal creation of John L. Morris. Morris opened the first Bass Pro Fishing shop in Springfield, Missouri circa 1972 selling homemade baits. His artificial lures were so popular that the store began selling via catalog shipping in 1974, widening its portfolio to include a wide variety of sporting goods. Within a year, it had become the number one mail order sporting retailer in the United States.

The store’s success gave rise to more and more innovations, capstoned by its 1978 cash cow, the Bass Tracker Boat. The #1 bass fishing boat since the year of its release, the TRACKER celebrated the leisure of tandem fishing by putting a comfortable outdoor office chair at the bow and aft of a large rowboat. This division of the Bass Pro empire continues to sponsor boat shows and fishing tournament across the country, preserving its claim to their dominance of the personal fishing boat industry.

Bass Pro maintains several other house brands within its walls:

  • Ascend: A manufacturer of kayaks, tents, and other large outdoor supplies.
  • Bob Timberlake: A men’s sports clothing manufacturer.
  • Johnny Morris Reels: Primary manufacturer of widely-used Baitcaster reels.
  • Natural Reflections: A women’s sports clothing manufacturer.
  • Offshore Angler: A specialists in rods and lures.
  • Redhead: A maker of heavy duty water-resistant boots.
  • Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl Bar & Grill: A series of restaurants found at larger stores.
  • White River: A maker of flies and fly reels.
  • Worldwide Sportsman: A maker of men’s and women’s clothes and footwear.
  • XPS: A supplier of water sports and other specialized equipment, including ski and dive gloves.
  • XTS: A maker of tool kits, lures, and other small fishing gear.

Bass Pro Fishing stores can be found in states where fishing is popular, and their corporate sponsorship keeps boats in the waters and cars on the track. To look for local stores or learn more about Bass Pro Fishing, visit their homepage.

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about 3 years ago

I am a Franchise Consultant and I have a client that has 200 plus arces in upper Penna. and would like to put a franchise on it.

Our phone # is 1888-481-7881.

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almost 4 years ago

I am interested in opening an outdoor sports center, and would like to speak with a rep regarding a tracker boat franchise. Thank you. Michael "Mike" Watson
Contact info: Cell: 719-649-5148

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