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Dsl Wireless Routers - Buying DSL Wireless Routers

modem service broadband speeds

In past years, the two major forms of broadband internet were neck-and-neck, fighting for supremacy among consumers. Some preferred DSL broadband, while others chose cable. Soon, cable technology leaped ahead and was able to offer speeds unmatched by DSL. DSL service provided by traditional phone companies faded back to become the “discount” broadband service for those on a budget.

Today, DSL is making a resurgence because of increased speed capability and reliable service. Cable broadband service, while faster, is shared with neighbors through a hub. If too many neighbors are online all at once, speeds can slow significantly. With DSL, bandwidth is private by residence or office. For many users, it is no longer enough to have a wired DSL modem. Most internet-capable personal devices use wireless internet. For this, you have to have a wireless router in conjunction with your DSL modem. A new line of DSL wireless routers combines the functionality of both. With wireless DSL routers, you can now broadcast a Wi-Fi signal directly through your modem, eliminating a piece of hardware. This simplifies setup and reduces clutter.

With a DLS wireless modem, you simply plug your DSL phone line into the modem, plug in the electric outlet, and you now have both a Wi-Fi signal and connections for four wired Ethernet devices. Several different brands and models of wireless DSL modems are available. Some of them can be purchased from your DSL provider, but the better ones are usually bought from third-party stores.

Here are the top 3 wireless DSL modems on the market today:

D-Link DSL-2640B ADSL 2/2+ Modem with Wireless Router
D-Link has been a top name in wireless routers for years. With this device, they combine their popular wireless technology with a DSL modem for what they call a 3-In-1 device, because it also provides a 4-port Ethernet connection. This wireless DSL modem support the latest in DSL technology for download speeds of up to 24 Mbps. Wireless protocol is 802.11G. It automatically detects the DSL network and settings to instantly create a network connection. Firmware is also automatically updated, so you know the device is always the best it can be. List price is $84.99.

Actiontec GE083AD4-08 PK5000 Wireless DSL Modem Router
This wireless DSL modem was originally developed for use on Qwest DSL networks, but it works with most DSL service providers. This model has 64MB of SDRAM memory for quick data switching. It has 802.11G wireless capability and 4 10/100 Ethernet ports. Range is maximized by dual antennas: one internal and one external. It is tested to be able to perform at up to 18,000 feet from the DSL node. List price is $89.99.

Netgear N150 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN1000
Netgear is a trusted name in wireless routers and has quite a loyal following. This model of wireless DSL modem provides top speeds by using the newer 802.11N wireless protocol. It is programmed to be compatible with all major DSL broadband providers and is backwards compatible for wireless G devices. Setup is simple with the quick installation CD, and it comes with built-in parental control options. It lists for $89.99.

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