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Backup Exchange Server - Options to Backup an Exchange Server

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On your computer system, many of us ignore the importance of regular backups, but if you have just installed a Microsoft Exchange server for your business, backups are not something you want to put off for later. The databases on an Exchange server can be vital to your business. Losing those files could severely cripple your ability to function and cost you thousands of dollars in rebuilding efforts, lost business, and additional labor to keep it running.

There are several methods in which to backup an Exchange server. Exchange server backups can be done online, offline, or at brick-level.

Online backups can be done with the built-in Windows backup system. Third-party applications can also perform this type of backup. This method copies the database files while the server remains online. It is recommended for daily use. Files can easily be restored with minimal downtime. Besides copying the files, an online backup helps with system maintenance by purging old log files.

Offline backups require you to disconnect the database from the server before copying its files to another source. This type of backup is a little more involved and those who do it also like to backup the database directory in case there is a mishap in the procedure that corrupts the Information Store. If multiple databases share the same log files, they must all be taken offline to perform the backup.

Brick-level backups are the most thorough, but they also take the longest to perform. They are done with third-party utilities that are installed as Exchange plug-ins. Because of the time it takes, this type of backup is not done as frequently. It can also be done incrementally to cut down on the time. Versions of brick-level backup of an Exchange server can be done with Microsoft Exmerge or the Migration Wizard, but third-party apps make it so much easier.

Here are some of the leading applications used to backup an Exchange Server:

Handy Backup Professional
This software is easy-to-use and extremely cost-effective. It is compatible with most versions of Exchange, including 2007, 2003, and 2000. The user-interface and features make it perfect for small businesses with a limited IT department. The software automatically scans the server for databases and lets you pick and choose which ones to backup. This software comes in several versions. Handy Backup Full can be used for any enterprise environment, but backups are limited to individual workstations. It sells for $199. Hand Backup Server is a centralized backup for Exchange Servers and sells for $599.

BackupAssist performs live backups of Exchange servers while online without any problems due to open folders. Restoration can be accomplished using Microsoft Exmerge. Backups are simplified so they can be performed by anyone. No special IT training is required. Easy-to-follow reminder instructions can be sent to anyone via email to make sure the backup is done. Once the backup completes, another email can be sent with log file details so you can rest assured that there were no problems or nip problems in the bud before it’s too late. BackupAssist sells for $249.

CommVault Simpana Backup and Recovery
CommVault is an authorized partner for Microsoft Exchange server backups. This software is strictly professional and meant to be run by experienced IT personnel. This is some of the most advanced software available to backup an Exchange server and it is reflected in the price.

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