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Airfare To Las Vegas - Getting Cheap Airfare to Las Vegas

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With over 37 million tourists among those on 3,861 weekly flights, it is argued that Las Vegas is America’s number one tourist city. The millions are lured in daily by the giant neon lights and on hopes of hitting a big pay off at one of over 1,700 licensed casinos and gambling locations. Since many businesses make their money through their gambling, they often have special deals on discount hotel stays and cheap airfare to Las Vegas.

Getting cheap airfare to Las Vegas ensures an exciting vacation. Once you get to your hotel, the average stay is only $70 per night. In addition, meals can be had for less than $10 from any number of all-you-can-eat buffets and traditional restaurants.

There is no tourist season in Las Vegas. This means that cheap airfare can be found all year-round. To save even more money, many travel agents, airlines, and hotels, offer package Las Vegas vacations. Finding these deals gives you even more money in your pocket for some of the most amazing entertainment in the world. Top performers in music, dance, circus, and theater play in Las Vegas every day.

Although there is no definite tourist season, there are a few days that should be avoided if you are looking for cheap airfare to Las Vegas. New Years Eve is one of the dates to avoid. Most other holidays should also be avoided, including popular gambling “holidays” such as Super Bowl Sunday, Kentucky Derby day, The NCAA Final Four days, etc.

Another way to get cheap airfare to Las Vegas is to book your flight for days during the middle of the week. Tuesday through Thursday usually offer the best fares. This is because not as many people travel to Vegas on weekdays, so airlines are looking to fill their open seats.

Not only is the day of the week important in finding cheap airfare to Vegas, the time of day can also be a factor. Late morning and early afternoon flights can demand higher prices than other times of the day. Early morning flights before 7am and late night “red eye” flights often yield the best prices for airfare to Las Vegas. This is a simple matter of convenience. No one likes to get up super early and fewer like to travel late at night when they are usually sleeping.

In some instances, direct flights to Vegas can be more expensive than flights with one or even two layovers. If you are traveling to Vegas from the eastern U.S., layovers in Chicago, St. Louis, Denver or Phoenix can sometimes save you a few extra dollars for use in the slot machines or buying a few extra drinks.

There are often specials on flights to Las Vegas, so be sure to watch websites of popular carriers for their travel deals.

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