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Basket Gift Wine - Ideas for a Basket Gift - Wine and Cheese

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Many people think of a gift basket as a cop-out gift – a generic gift that is good for anyone on any occasion that requires no thought. While some people use basket gifts in this fashion, not all of them are thoughtless – especially if you create it yourself and pick items specific to the occasion or recipient. A basket gift of wine, cheese, and chocolates can be one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts a person can receive. It all depends on the amount of effort put into it.

Wine and gift baskets are the perfect complement to each other. A fruit basket gift with wine can be much more special than a standard fruit basket without it. However, basket wine gifts are often much better when the wine is the primary item in the basket and not playing a secondary role to some supermarket fruits.

A basket gift of wine should have the wine as the centerpiece surrounded by other complementary items. One of the best items to include with wine and gift baskets is cheese. But you will need to choose the cheeses carefully. They will have to be pre-packaged or of a variety that is not prone to spoiling. Because food and drinks are served at many occasions where the gift basket is given, they will generally not be opened until the next day or several days later.

There are many other items that go well with a basket gift of wine. Many people prefer to include fine chocolates as secondary and tertiary gifts in the wine gift basket. You can consult a wine expert or an online reference to find out which types of chocolates go well with which types of wines.

One rule of thumb is that the other items should not be something you can pick up at the grocery store. They should be exotic gourmet items found in candy shops, cheese shops, or other specialty stores. Of course, nowadays, some supermarkets carry gourmet products, and these are fine to use, too. The basic rule is no familiar everyday brands, such as Hershey’s or Kraft.

Other items that go well in a wine gift basket include a set of fine wine glasses. A pair of wine glasses made for the particular style of wine you are giving is a great addition. Some people also give a corkscrew in the basket, especially if the recipient is not a big wine drinker. If the basket includes cheeses, you can include some gourmet crackers or even a whole French baguette. Grapes and a couple of other fruits make for a nice decorative touch.

Wine baskets do not have to be your featured gift. A basket gift of wine can be used as a presentation for something much bigger. This is a great idea for giving a gift that comes in ticket form, such as a vacation, a cruise, a concert, or other special event. Displaying the tickets inside the basket makes for a special presentation that is much more exciting and appealing than lone envelope.

The last, and most important, factor to consider for a basket gift of wine is the wine itself. One of the best ways to purchase wine is to think of what you like yourself. Unless the recipient has a known taste for a specific variety or vintner, let your own taste be the guide. If you are still unsure, then try a local wine. Most every state has its own wineries. As a thoughtful touch you could include a wine from the recipient’s home location or from somewhere they enjoy to be.

Wine and gift baskets don’t have to be impersonal gifts. With a little thought, they can end up being the most memorable gift given.

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