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Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries - Buying Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries - Rayovac Rechargeable Battery Comparison

platinum charge tests everyday

When Rayovac batteries first came on the market, they were considered a premium battery. As the years progressed and alkaline batteries became the standard, Rayovac became a discount brand because they couldn’t compete with the twin powers of Duracell and Energizer. Today, Rayovac rechargeable batteries still carry a lighter price tag than the heavyweights, but in comparison tests they show to perform just as well or better than the big two. This makes Rayovac Rechargeable batteries the brand to buy if you are looking for both quality and affordability.

Rayovac was first founded in 1906 in Madison, Wisconsin under the name French Battery Co. Due to their production of vacuum tubes in the 1930s, the company changed their name to Ray-O-Vac. In the 1970s and 1980s, Rayovac outsourced their battery manufacturing to the Ever Ready company. This began the period of their “discount brand” status. In the 2000s, charged with a drive to be the best, Rayovac took back control of their operations and began acquiring several other battery companies and their technologies. A major victory was scored in 2004 when Rayovac became the exclusive battery brand of RadioShack.

Rayovac rechargeable batteries come in one of two lines: Everyday-Use and Platinum. Though they rose sharply in popularity under their IC-3 and Hybrid lines, the features of both have been incorporated into the new lines.

Everyday-Use Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries
The Everyday-Use line is the affordable, family-oriented Rayovac rechargeable battery. They come pre-charged so they can be used directly out of the package. They are rated to be rechargeable up to 500 times, and camera tests show them capable of taking up to 300 photos per charge. They work in all chargers made for NiMH batteries. AA types have 1400 mAh while AAA types have 650 mAh.

Platinum Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries
Platinum Rayovac rechargeable batteries are the current premium line. They come pre-charged and ready-to-use. They have a low self-discharge rate, meaning they can be stored longer for when they are needed. They are rated to be recharged up to 300 times, and camera tests show them capable of handling up to 400 snapshots per charge. They are rechargeable in all chargers made for NiMH batteries, and they have no memory effect. AA types have 2100 mAh and AAA have 800 mAh.

Rayovac battery chargers also come in two versions: Everyday-Use and Platinum.

Everyday-Use Charger
This basic charger holds up to four AA or AAA batteries. It can charge both NiMH and NiCad batteries. It has two LED lights to indicate battery status and is in a foldout wall-plug design. It fully charges batteries in 10 hours.

Platinum Charger
The Platinum charger is designed to charge batteries of all sizes. It can hold up to four AA, AAA, C, or D batteries, or a single 9V battery. Batteries can be fully charged in 8 hours, and an automatic timer turns off the charger after this time. This unit is also in a compact, folding wall-plug design.

Rayovac Rechargeable Battery Comparison

In a comparison with other leading brands, Rayovac rechargeable batteries are shown to be a proven leader in the industry. Here are the results of one leading test:

Capacity – This tests how much of a charge the battery holds compared with how much it says it holds. Results are the tested capacity.

1. Rayovac Platinum 2100 = 2376.36 (113.16%)
2. Panasonic 2000 = 2155.67 (107.78%)
3. Duracell 2500 = 2522.28 (100.89%)
4. Energizer 2500 = 2516.30 (100.65%)
5. Kodak 2500 = 2384.06 (95.36%)

Energy Output – This tests the exact output in Watt-hours.

1. Duracell = 3.12 Wh
2. Energizer = 3.09 Wh
3. Rayovac = 2.955 Wh
4. Kodak = 2.95 Wh
5. Panasonic = 2.64 Wh

Storage – This tests the percentage of charge left for unused batteries after 14 days since the last full charge.

1. Panasonic = 96.47%
2. Rayovac = 91.70%
3. Duracell = 80.63%
4. Energizer = 62.12%
5. Kodak = 49.03%

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