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At A Glance Calendars - At-a-Glance Calendars for Home and Office

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Whenever you see one of those oversized desktop calendars or an unassuming, plain black-covered business planner, chances are that it is an At-A-Glance product. The company is the largest and most popular manufacturer and distributer of calendar products in the world. The large print and large-form factor of their flagship products make them true to the company name, providing hourly, daily, or monthly information quickly and efficiently.

At-A-Glance calendars began in 1908 as the Clark Loose Leaf Manufacturing Company. Founders Keith Clark and John B. Kemp produced the first desktop calendar at their New York City plant in 1914. Back then they were known as Ever Ready Calendars. Soon afterward, they also produced a 5” x 8” bound pad-style calendar that proved to be just as popular. Clark later sold his interest in the company and formed his own, producing a competing product called the Work-A-Day desk Calendar.

Clark’s company remained vital for several decades, eventually handing it down to his son who was able to buy out the original Ever Ready Company in 1962, but a new upstart began competing with Work-A-Day Calendars by selling At-A-Glance Calendars. It took Clark almost 20 years, but in 1988, they finally were able to buy them as well and continue the At-A-Glance brand for their own profit. At-A-Glance Calendars were so successful, Keith Clark, now a publicly traded corporation, changed their name to The At-A-Glance Group and was eventually bought by the Mead Corporation.

The long saga of At-A-Glance Calendars has culminated today in several lines of popular and useful products. These products fall into one of three categories: desk calendars, wall calendars, and planners.

At-A-Glance Desk Calendars
At-A-Glance Desk Calendars are made in three varieties: Permanent flip-page calendars and refills, Desk Pads, and Decorative Desk Calendars.

• Desk Refills – These are yearly page refills for the At-A-Glance open-binder calendar. Desk Refills fit in a specialized two-ring binder base that angles the daily calendar pages upward so they can be viewed easily from a sitting position. Depending on the style, prices range from $2.79 to $11.19. Each page measures 3.5” x 6”.

• Desk Pads – Desk Pads are the oversized desktop calendars many people enjoy in their offices. There are several different sizes, but the standard is 22” x 17”. The classic Desk Pad now has pre-drilled holes for converting to a wall calendar and sell for $4.79 to $27.69. Academic Desk Pads have more scheduling options and sell for $10.59 to $20.39. Themed Desk Pads have pictures and/or stationery backgrounds. They sell for $10.50 to $31.99.

• Decorative Desk Calendars – These are themed disposable pad-style calendars with pages meant to be torn off each day. They sell for $12.99 and come in three popular themes: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Maxine Year-in-a-Box, and LA Times Crossword Puzzles.

Wall Calendars
At-A-Glance Calendars have a line of hanging wall products that come in three sub-categories: Monthly Calendars, Erasable Calendars, and Decorative Calendars.

• Monthly Calendars – These come in several styles and sizes, but the most popular is the traditional one-month-per-page style. They are designed for long-term planning. Another popular style is the single-page yearly calendar. They sell for $6.65 to $15.59.

• Erasable Wall Calendars – Erasable wall calendars are laminated and made for long-term planning that can experience frequent changes. They are used in conjunction with white-board dry-erase markers. They are available in monthly and yearly styles. Prices range from $9.29 to $35.39.

• Decorative Calendars – These are the standard themed calendars popular in offices and homes worldwide. They feature a themed picture or photo above a monthly calendar. Styles include the standard month-per-page and the 3-month wall calendar. Prices are $11.99 to $23.39.

At-A-Glance Calendar Planners
At-A-Glance planners are the booklet-style front and rear covered calendars. They come in different formats depending on the detail required: daily, weekly, or monthly.
• Daily Planners – Daily planners have a single page for each day. They come in four different sizes and some break down the detail in 15-minute increments. Prices range from $10.59 to $51.89.

• Weekly Planners – These planners are made for people with schedules that only require planning of items per day. This format uses 2-pages for each week and is available in four sizes. Prices are $11.79 to $24.79.

• Monthly Planners – This type of planner comes in two styles: one month per page and one month per two pages. They are available in pocket, small, medium, and large sizes. Prices are from $8.29 to $33.69.

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