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Cheap Flights To Lax - How to Find Cheap Flights to LAX

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With nearby sunny beaches, tourist attractions, and Hollywood glamor, Los Angeles, California is a great spot to consider for a vacation. If you are flying into Los Angeles, then you will be looking for flights to Los Angeles International Airport (better known by its IATA call signal LAX). If you are planning a visit to Los Angeles in the near future, then it is important to have a few strategies for finding cheap flights to LAX.

While there are many strategies for finding cheap flights to LAX, one of the most important is to give yourself enough time to shop around. While last minute trips are sometimes impossible to avoid, most vacation and business travel can be planned well in advance, and 21 day advance tickets are typically the cheapest option. Once you know that you are going to Los Angeles, you can start shopping for flights. While booking a flight used to be a somewhat complicated ordeal that often involved a travel agent, most people can now book their travel through online travel sites. Although there are many different sites, there are basically three kinds of websites that you can search for cheap flights to LA. The first is an “aggregator” site. These sites gather prices from several other websites and are therefore an ideal place to start your search. One of the best aggregator sites is Kayak.com. The second type of travel website is a booking agent site. The most well known travel websites like Priceline, Orbitz, and Expedia are booking agent sites. Finally, you will need to check individual airline websites. While the prices at most airline websites are the same as the ones you would find at other sites, you can occasionally find deals on the company’s sites. More importantly, however, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, two airlines that operate several daily flights to LAX, do not put their fares on third party websites. Therefore, to be sure you are finding the cheapest flights to LAX, you will need to check their websites as well. By giving yourself enough time to look at all three kinds of sites, you will get a good idea of what kind of deals you can get. If you see a significant drop in the ticket price, it is usually a good idea to buy your ticket immediately. While you may be tempted to wait and see if the price will drop a little more, it is more likely to rise again.

Also, it is ideal to have flexible dates for you trip. While many people do not have that luxury, if you are lucky enough to be in that situation, then you can look around to see when the cheapest times to fly to LA are. While you are searching for your flight to LAX, try several different dates. Sometimes flying just a day or two before or after will save hundreds of dollars.

Finally, when shopping for cheap tickets to LAX, it is a good idea to know the carriers that fly to LAX most frequently. Especially if you are shopping for a last minute ticket, these carriers may have more open seats and you might be able to find a cheaper ticket from them. While most major U.S. airlines fly into LAX, the airport is a hub for American Airlines, Horizon Air, United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines (which is a Delta partner). Therefore, if you are looking for cheap tickets to LAX at the last minute, you should begin by checking with these airlines. Also, if you are looking for a bereavement fare, these airlines are the best place to start, since most airlines limit the number of bereavement seats they will sell.

By planning ahead when possible and knowing the best places to look, you should be able to find a cheap flight to LAX.

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